Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yoo Hoo - I'm still here

Didn't realise how long since I've posted here. Guess life has just got in the way and I've been involved doing other things.

Seems its been tulip time - a dear friend of mine who lives in Burnie, Tasmania (Bev) sent me this beautiful picture that she took at Table Cape, which is just next to Wynyard, around 20 minutes drive from Burnie. It's called Van Diemen Tulip Farm and they grow tulips every year and sell the bulbs. They even export them to Holland, believe it or not. They export all around the world. It's quite a big industry because Tasmania has the perfect cool weather for them.

Canberra has also had its Floriade which is held annually from the middle of September for a month. Its a wonderful tourist attraction and no doubt brings heaps of money into the ACT but for the locals, driving anywhere near Floriade is a nightmare.

Not much to write about so I think its time for a few pussycat pics .. this first one is of Madison when she was about 7 weeks old. What beautiful blue eyes - Devon Rex kittens are born with blue eyes but they turn a greenish yellowish colour when they're a few months old.

Here's one with my grandson when she was a little older

Last one for tonight - "so what's the use of an empty shopping bag - where's the cat food"?

Next time Madison gets the opportunity she'd like to show you some pics of her first birthday party.
Till next time ..............