Monday, June 24, 2013

UFOs everywhere & a Bad Case of Start-itis

Its been so long since my last post that I thought I'd better pop in to say hello and let you all know that I'm still here in the land of the living.

As the title of this post indicates, I'm suffering badly at the moment with lots of unfinished things 'haunting' me but a severe case of start-itis has kicked in and more potential UFOs are being added daily.  I received an early birthday present from a good friend today - 3 patterns from my Ravelry wish list and guess what I have an almost uncontrollable urge to do??  You got it, start one of the cute little tunics in one of those patterns.

One thing I did finish last week was a hat which was supposed to be a toddler's size   but it actually fits me so I'll save it for one of the charities requesting adult items.

For this hat I used Magnum Soft 8ply, 4.00mm needles and an old Patons Totem pattern.

Also on the needles is a child's jumper I started, to try some yarn I haven't used before. Its Carnival Effects 8ply and is one of those clever yarns that creates the pattern as you go along.  Here's a peek of the beginning (I've actually nearly finished the back but took this photo a few days ago).

Not 100% sure I really like this yarn. They also do another version that creates little coloured spots on a white background - might have to get some of that to try.

Its bitterly cold here - raining too, but thank goodness I don't have to go out again for a few days so hopefully I might have something else to show you soon. Could even be one of those UFOs.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

One Shade of Grey

Today has been cold and miserable - perfect for a 'stay in pj's all day' kind of day and that's exactly what I did.   Also a good day for crochet - did that too ..

I had some Bernat Super Value yarn in my stash and used Suzi's Perfect Pink Shells Bow Scarflet  pattern with a 5.50mm hook.  The only modification I made was to start with 68 ch instead of 50.

Well, today was National Knit in Public day here in Australia.  How did you spend your day?  As you know, I spent mine crocheting but I heard that our Prime Minister spent hers knitting .. (sleeve of a cardigan for her niece's baby) ..

Update - sleeve finished and (according to her tweet) she just has the lace edging to knit and the cardigan's done. Thought you might like to know that !!

Need to go find something to knit/crochet now. By the way, have you seen this doing the rounds on facebook ?

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Just when I thought I'd seen my last pair of BLACK fingerless gloves, one of DD's work colleagues who bought some last winter, has now asked for a pair for her daughter.  I can't believe that Bendigo Woollen Mills don't have black in their Classic range as that's my preferred wool for these gloves. Ended up having to get  Luxury which is lovely but I really didn't enjoy making this particular pair because it kept splitting - not sure if it was the wool, the hook or me but I must say I was pleased when I finished these today.

An odd request I had from same DD which I first refused but later gave in (as you do when you're such a wonderful Mum lol) ... and at the risk of being considered quite mad, have tonight made some puppy slippers ...

When one of DD's work colleagues mentioned that she'd like a little Dachshund baby, Nat sprung into action, rang a few breeders and had found one for her about half an hour later.  Baby is 4 weeks old now and will be going to his new home in another 2 weeks.  Do you think the slippers will keep his little paws warm ?

Since we're talking about dogs, our house doesn't seem quite right since we lost our last little Japanese Chin a few months ago. I've been thinking about getting another dog but can't decide what I'd like. Thanks to the internet, here's a couple of pics of the breeds I'm currently thinking about - Boston Terrier, Chihuahua, French Bulldog.  What do you reckon ?

Thanks for visiting. xox