Monday, February 24, 2014

Show and Tell

First I'll tell you about my latest FO. That beautiful wool I received from Maria's blog give-away was just screaming 'scarf' and so I decided on a simple V stitch as the colours in the wool are the real feature of this scarf. It drapes well and I'm very happy with the result.

And now for the Show ... I was able to get some pics of the crochet and knitting exhibits at the Canberra Show which was held last Friday to Sunday. There are lots of different sections which explains why there are many awards. I'll just show you the pics without any comments other than something that my daughter pointed out to me in this first picture. Can you spot what she noticed? Leave a comment if you can.    (Click on the pictures for a closer view)

That last pic is a blanket knitted by the president of our branch of the CWA (Country Womens Association of NSW).

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lovely Surprise

Maria from The Next Stage blog recently had a give away and guess who won ??  Woo Hoo ... yay .... I was the lucky recipient of this cute bag that Maria got from the California Design exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery. If you'd like to read all about this very interesting exhibition, Maria blogged about it here.

I could feel something squishy inside the bag and discovered this gorgeous ball of wool hiding away just waiting to give me a very unexpected but very pleasant surprise. As you can see it is 10ply 100% wool and is just on 100g - I'd like to make something nice for myself with it and would welcome any suggestions.

Thank you so much for having this very generous give-away Maria - receiving your lovely surprise today really made my week.

My daughter and I are going to the annual Royal Canberra Show tomorrow. We're planning to get there when the gates open so we can get a showbag that one of our local radio stations are selling. The bags contain lots of great things to the value of $1,000 for just $20 with all proceeds going to the Cancer Support Group. They only have a thousand bags to sell so you do have to be early. Hopefully I might also be able to take some pictures of the crochet and knitting exhibits to show you.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Free to Crochet

Long time no post .. must fix !!  I'm treasurer for an organisation and have just had to do the books and financial reports for two months (Dec and Jan) for our meeting this coming Friday. All done, all balanced and I'm now all free to enjoy the rest of the week.  Whoopee !!!!

I haven't been totally slack since my last post. Not overly productive mind you but I did manage a few little things. I made this little doily for a swap I signed up for - I don't think my partner reads this so showing you won't spoil her surprise.  This is the Hipster doily and its a quick, easy project. Oh, there is a unique design feature in my doily - can you find it? I can't but its there somewhere.

I received my package from this exchange today and I can tell you, mine really was a surprise. My partner sent me a beautifully knitted baby's dress, jacket and bonnet set. With no babies in my life at the moment, it was quite a surprise !! I'm sure my partner won't mind if I pass it on to one of the charities I support.

Also made a premmie hat ... I did the larger size which was supposed to be newborn but mine is definitely premmie size. Its a nice Aussie pattern though and uses 4ply. I used Koala Joey 4ply yarn which is an acrylic bought from Spotlight.

A long time ago, one of my lovely bloggy friends wanted a pattern for a little birdie ... here's one I found on the net the other night. Its super easy and super cute. You can find the pattern here.

See ya next time.