Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Fiddling Around

I missed Sunday's check-in for the Year of Projects but to be perfectly honest, I really don't have anything much to report. The weather has been cold, wet and miserable and I've been in one of those 'bleh' moods which has resulted in me just fiddling around and not achieving much.

Decided to do a bit more on the poncho which I started when issue 25 of Simply Crochet magazine came out - they're now up to issue 44 of the monthly mag, so let's see, that makes this WIP nineteen months old.

I think a few more rounds will be enough then a nice border rather than fringing will finish it off. Can you see all those ends I'm going to have to sew in? Ugh !

So when I got tired of working on the poncho I rummaged around in my craft room for some nice yarn and started this scarf. Nothing like a bit of variety to brighten things up eh?

I haven't used this Red Heart Boutique Midnight before but it's quite soft and nice to knit. I don't think you can see the silver shiny bits in the yarn but it livens it up in a subtle kind of way.

Work is still going on in my front yard and if it wasn't for the wet weather, it would have been finished about 2 weeks ago. As it is now, the landscaper told me yesterday that we probably won't be able to drive on it for another 2 weeks. My daughter is parking her car on one neighbour's circular driveway and my car is at my other daughter's place but tonight I'm going to ask the other neighbour if I can leave my car on their front yard as I really need to go to a few appointments later this week. Oh dear, such a bother but it will be worth it in the long run. Here's where we're up to ...

That's all from me for now. If you'd like to see what Year of Projects is all about, pop over to Ravelry and be inspired by the other bloggers taking part.