Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Don't worry, be happy ......

I often say to people "don't worry about things you cannot control, or things that may never happen". Well, I should take my own advice! I finished that baby's jacket I was stressing about regarding running out of the yarn and the 2 x 50g balls of Baby Lustre 8ply were plenty. Here's the completed jacket ....

I would have liked to stitch a little pink rosebud on each side of the yoke but didn't have any so this will have to do for now. If I manage to find any I'll add them.

This jacket was a pleasure to make - such a quick and easy pattern from JustCrochet in the UK. I think I might try another one in a different yarn and colour.

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  1. Phew; I can stop looking for it. I only had another 2 boxes to get through, and knowing my luck it would have been in the last box. I think I should start cataloging my stash, but that is a scary prospect.

    Congrats and another beautiful crocheted cardi.


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