Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You gotta laugh !!

Someone has a wonderful sense of humour ! Is it the news journalist, is it the cop or is it the drunk? It was reported on the radio this morning that a man in England who was suffering the effects of a night on the town, was seen squeezed into a bright pink Barbie car (capable of 6kms/hr), driving down the road. You guessed it - he was picked up by a policeman and charged with drink driving.

Then, a few hours later I heard Alan Jones telling people not to put all their eggs in one basket. The same, he advised, could be said for investments. One fellow put half his money into a paper towel company and the other half into a revolving door company. Poor bloke was wiped out before he could turn around. Ho Hum !!

One of the fun things about surfing the net is not knowing where you might end up. Tonight I found a site well worth an hour or so. Have a look at this site - here's a sample of what you'll find.

My mail-person (actually I think its a lady) brought a lovely surprise today. A few weeks ago a friend in the US who is in one of my crochet groups, posted a photo of an afghan he'd made. I commented on how lovely it was and he sent me the pattern which will definately be a WIM for me. I don't think I'd have the patience to make a huge bedspread but perhaps a babies blanket might be nice. Isn't the pattern gorgeous .....

and here's a close-up ....

Today I've been working on a baby's cardigan from a free pattern. Hope to have a pic to show you soon. I really appreciate being able to get free patterns but I do wish the people writing them would have them tested before making them available. I've already found two mistakes - the first one would have made one side of the front bigger than the other so I'm glad I picked that up. The second error could have been 'fudged' but I've changed it anyway. Its an all in one cardi and I'm up to the bottom part so the rest should be ok. Might even do a few more rows now before I go to bed.

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