Sunday, December 25, 2011


Its not only the turkey that's been stuffed at our house. After a delicious meal of prawn cocktail starters followed by the traditional turkey, ham and roast veggies for mains, we were all too full sufficiently satisfied and so we have just had our plum pudding with warm custard for our evening meal. And now its time to try to get back to normal as soon as possible.

I missed out on posting my update for my Year of Projects last week and I must confess I haven't had much time to touch hook or needles for awhile. However, I can show you hat No. 8 which I'm not all that happy with but I suppose it might keep some poor soul warm next winter.

Oh, nearly forgot I also made two little premmie hats so these will be numbers 9 and 10.

Tomorrow my daughter, son-in-law and his parents from Belgium will be leaving for a few weeks holiday so I should have plenty of spare time to do what I like - and you know what that will be. No no no no no .... not sleeping all day !!!!! I plan on being a happy hooker.

Bye bye Santa .. see you next year.


  1. Oh, those hats are SOOO doggone cute.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. That's so funny. I love the hat you're not happy with. Happy holidays!

  3. Gorgeous hats, my friend. Your meal sounds deeeelish! We have 2 roast beefs in the oven and our youngest grandsons will arrive in a few hours, then all mayhem will erupt.

    ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉
    *M*E*R*R*Y* *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
    ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Happy Memories Dorothy :))
    What don't you like about the adult hat?
    We had a lovely day spent with our Tassie family and on the phone to the mainlanders :))
    Lovely to see the GC happy and busy..
    Happy Crocheting Boxing Day :))

  5. Hat #8 looks good to me - love the bright colours. I'm so stuffed that I can hardly move! I think we'll fast for the next couple of days until we get back to normal.


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