Friday, September 7, 2012

New Crochet Book

If there's one thing that our local public library does extremely well is to get some excellent crochet and knitting books. I don't know the procedure for procurement but it may help that the librarian at the branch I borrow from is a knitting enthusiast. In any case, this book just begged me to take it off the shelf and I'm so glad I did ..
Its another great book by Nicki Trench, published 2012, and contains 35 patterns for 0-3 year olds covering abilities from beginner to enthusiast.  I must confess that sometimes I copy patterns from books but there were just way too many I wanted from this book so I ordered my own copy from the Book Depository. I'm thinking this little vest would be cute over one of those grow suits (might be known as something else these days) .. and will be good for charity donations.
This is nice too ..
(Just had a preview and the scans of the book didn't turn out too well - will have to fiddle around with my new printer and see if I can adjust the settings).

I'm making reasonable progress on the baby blanket using that yarn I got from Ireland.  I love the way the stripes are working out and will take a photo of it for my next post.

Tomorrow I'll be spending all day at the Canberra Institute of Technology learning "everything I need to know about my iPad".  I've had mine for 2 months now and love it but I decided to do this course as there's probably much more it will do that I haven't worked out yet.  Unfortunately I'll be missing out on my grandson's birthday party but Monday is the big day when he actually turns 10 and I've been invited for dinner so we'll be able to celebrate then. Shame I won't be able to have a go on the jumping castle along with the 15 other kids!! :)  Gosh it only seems like yesterday that I was crocheting the little matinee jacket he wore to come home from hospital !!

Happy Birthday Ryan


  1. What a handsome young man! I bet you're still making things for him. Enjoy your class.. I love my iPad but also think I'm not using it to full advantage. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Such a lovely photo of your grandson, Dorothy. Those patterns look great; you'll have lots of fun making those designs :-) What a great idea, a class to help get the most out of your iPad...we'll look forward to reading about all the possibilities!

  3. Wish our library was like yours. I think 1975 was the last current knitting or crochet book found there :-)
    Very close game for your grandson. A mighty effort
    4th d try at word verification


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