Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Camera Alert

Updated my camera yesterday with the new Olympus SZ-16 and so far I'm impressed. One of my biggest headaches is with indoor pics when the light is not all that great.  Today was bleak - and I do really mean bleak so it was a good trial.

This is a week old hyacinth plant that I received from my eldest daughter and future son-in-law for Mothers Day, and this next one is a cyclamen I got from my youngest daughter and son-in-law.

Both pics were taken in a rather dull lit room so I am very pleased with the results.

Madison was doing what she does for most of the day and that is taking a cat nap. She doesn't like cameras and usually turns her head the other way, so to test out the zoom, I went to the other side of the room, called her name and managed to get this one ..

I'm dying for a nice day so I can go out and play.  Hope I don't drive you nuts with my happy snaps !!  

Have a great week and thanks for visiting. xoxox


  1. Oh.. congrats on a new camera.. it's taking great photos! I hope you share lots of pictures of your world. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. How fun...a new camera! Looking forward to seeing your pictures. These look great. Your cat photographs like my Sammi...too black to show up completely unless she's outside in the sunshine. So nice that you got flowers to enjoy for Mother's Day. I gave my mom that big hanging purple flower pot that is now in my header. Wishing you lots of sunny days to click, click, click away!

  3. Wow! That new camera is a winner by the quality of those photos! What a clever way to get your cat to look at the camera! It's a beautiful photo

  4. Beautiful colours to capture. I will enjoy the pics of around your area, Hoping you are keeping warm .
    hugs pat :))

  5. Great photos Dorothy. They look like there was a lot of light to show off the flowers


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