Friday, October 11, 2013

Hot off the Hook

All day I've been searching my folders of patterns trying to find this pattern which is one of my favourites. I eventually found it in the last of my folders - always the way isn't it? Anyway, after all that, I had to grab some yarn and a hook.

This "Frilly Cup Doily" was designed by Crobeanie, aka Bea Wells, aka Janie Herrin who sadly passed away on March 19,2010 aged 65. Janie was a member of Crochetlist and I often chatted with her in the monthly CAT sessions. She was a delightful lady and a talented designer. Unfortunately the pattern for the Frilly Cup Doily is no longer online and I'm not sure where, or even if her patterns have been published elsewhere. I also have one of her other patterns which is a gorgeous, tiny angel done in #10 thread.  I'll show you that another day.

As per doctors orders, I've been sticking to small projects and to be honest, just fiddling around.

I'm also making mini Christmas stockings for the CWA fete in November. Today I ordered some Avon Lip Balms to go inside them - at 99 cents each, they are cheaper than Life Savers and more useful.

I need to report a stash enhancement that I simply just couldn't resist. Bendigo Woollen Mills offered our Knit4Charities group, 1kg charity packs of 8ply machine washable wool for just $35 which included postage. I love working with their wool and will enjoy making lots of charity items with this lot.

Nothing much else is happening around here.  Quincy is settling in nicely and is such a gorgeous little dog. My eldest daughter's Pug Tommy is here visiting for two weeks and they're having lots of fun together.  The cat is still not too fussed about it all.

The warm weather has arrived at last and the garden is looking nice. I counted about 30 buds on one of my rose bushes the other day. No photos of that but I did take a couple of my azaleas which were planted last year and are flowering for the first time.

Well, its past midnight so I should be off to bed. Thanks for popping in for a visit.


  1. Can I come and live with you during your summer? Winter is coming on here and it's my least favorite season. I'll sweeten the pot and bring Kristi, how's that? LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. The cup coaster is so frilly and pretty! Good girl following doctor's orders. You can play with your pups in between projects while they're still around.

  3. Very sweet indeed and a lovely gift for a friend.. :)) Take it easy eh! lol it seems the hook is moving mighty fast with all those lovely items you have crocheted..

    The weather here is still up and down, snow, winds, rain..but the sun comes out every now and then.. Can't complain, I am getting a lot of sewing done :))


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