Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Santa Paws is Coming to Town

Warning - If you're not a dog lover you might want to skip this post.

Saturday before last I had to take Quincy to visit Santa (DD2 was away) and what a fun time we had !!  Quincy is very friendly with people but other dogs are another matter. A big Golden Retriever was ahead of him in the Santa line so that revved the little fellow up a bit. Nevertheless, he was still able to offer Santa a big sloppy kiss - the photographer caught the end of it.

In an effort to get Quincy a little more dog friendly, he has been visiting the local dog park and I do believe it is doing him the world of good. Its hard to take photos as the dogs are rarely still (except for one little old Westie that could have passed for a statue) ..

The park is right on the shores of Lake Ginninderra and as you can see, seats are provided for the doggy parents - very pleasant for all. Its quite a big dog park, very well secured with double gates and different sections for large and small dogs. Here you can see our little fellow doing a lap of the area. Actually you might need your binoculars to see him :)

Meanwhile, back at home, every morning we get to open a little flap on the advent calendar and guess what's inside ?   Yep, you got it .. doggy treats.

Of course Madison couldn't care less and just needs another few hours in bed ..

I have been doing little bits of crochet and knitting here and there, as well as playing around with my stash. Today I spent an hour or so winding my odd balls of yarn into lovely 'cakes' so they're going to take up much less space in my plastic tubs. I'm making beanies in the colours preferred by our Indiginous people (red, yellow and black) for one of our December charities in the Knit4Charities group. I'll take some pics for next time.

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  1. Oh.. Quincy is just the cutest little guy! I bet he and my Buddy would have fun together. We've never taken ours to a dog park - I guess I'm afraid he'd cause trouble or pick up a disease from the others. Do you worry about that? Have a great holiday time!

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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