Monday, February 10, 2014

Free to Crochet

Long time no post .. must fix !!  I'm treasurer for an organisation and have just had to do the books and financial reports for two months (Dec and Jan) for our meeting this coming Friday. All done, all balanced and I'm now all free to enjoy the rest of the week.  Whoopee !!!!

I haven't been totally slack since my last post. Not overly productive mind you but I did manage a few little things. I made this little doily for a swap I signed up for - I don't think my partner reads this so showing you won't spoil her surprise.  This is the Hipster doily and its a quick, easy project. Oh, there is a unique design feature in my doily - can you find it? I can't but its there somewhere.

I received my package from this exchange today and I can tell you, mine really was a surprise. My partner sent me a beautifully knitted baby's dress, jacket and bonnet set. With no babies in my life at the moment, it was quite a surprise !! I'm sure my partner won't mind if I pass it on to one of the charities I support.

Also made a premmie hat ... I did the larger size which was supposed to be newborn but mine is definitely premmie size. Its a nice Aussie pattern though and uses 4ply. I used Koala Joey 4ply yarn which is an acrylic bought from Spotlight.

A long time ago, one of my lovely bloggy friends wanted a pattern for a little birdie ... here's one I found on the net the other night. Its super easy and super cute. You can find the pattern here.

See ya next time.


  1. Glad to see you pop in to share your latest adventures! Love the doily you made! Funny you received a baby set.. hehe. Enjoy your week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Love the doily! So lacy and pretty. I really like that knitted hat too. That yarn looks so soft.

  3. Your Hipster doily is so cute, great work.

  4. Love your doily. Oh - and I can't spot your unique design feature ...... What? Where? ......

  5. What a pretty doily! ♥ Thanks for the pattern link. Hat and little birdie are nice, too! Sunny greetings from your new follower (via feedly)


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