Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bits n Pieces

Today I was the recipient of a random act of kindness which was a new, and I must say lovely experience for me. I was walking in to the local supermarket when an older couple approached both carrying boxes of chocolate coated pretzels. The man walked up to me, handed me a pack and wished me a nice day. At first I thought they were giving out samples of a new product but the lady explained that 'he' liked them (that's why they had so many) and he wanted to make me happy.

Mission accomplished - I felt great, they were happy and I have something yummy to enjoy tonight!

Received another interesting parcel in the mail the other day. While I was doing a bit of online shopping from a shop in the UK, I saw these Addi Weave-Knit needles. They weren't cheap but I had to have some.

With these needles you can knit and weave at the same time so it will be interesting to have a play with them when I finish my other 5 UFO's.

I've been fiddling around with little things lately as I haven't had much time to devote to my crochet or knitting. I made these Pocket Book slippers for our CWA craft stall coming up in July.

Before you put them on, they look like little pocket-books, hence the name. Apparently nursing homes love these as they stay on much better than some others and are good for people confined to bed. They'd also be good for travellers on long flights as they're small enough to pop into your handbag. (I've tried several times to rotate this next pic but it doesn't want to play properly so you'll have to skew your head sideways to see it properly - sorry.) If you'd like the pattern, its here.


That's all for now - hope to have something more to say (and show) before too long. In the meantime, see you at your place.


  1. Hello Dorothy.. so glad to see your blog pop to the top of my list! What a fun project, the slippers! That was so neat when those people gave you a surprise! We got some of those recently and they are tasty indeed! Enjoy your week. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Those are some neat slippers you made there! I've never seen those before, but they're a great idea. Good for you for buying yourself those needles. What a treat to get them in the mail.

  3. What a lovely surprise for you Dorothy :)) So good to know there are kind folks out there :))
    Now your new needles look interesting, not sure if I would be able to drive them lol...... hugs pat ..

  4. Those pretzels sound yummy :-) Love those bedsocks and thank you for the link to the pattern :-)

  5. What a wonderful, practical little act!! So lovely to hear
    I think your new needles are confusing me. But they do sound interesting

  6. Pretzels sounds yummy. I like chocolate flavor. Nice of him who wants to make you happy. Your leg looks beautiful with that pocket book slippers. Good work!

  7. How sweet that random act of kindness. What a nice surprise too. More people should do that, no strings attached and giving from the heart. It kinda makes you think twice and definitely renews your belief that more people are kind than not. I sometimes believe that is why this old earth is still spinning...there are still more good people living on it than the bad, and today my friend you and another good person found each other. What a blessing, I'm sure it made both of your days happier for it.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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