Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Books to tempt you

I need to return some library books tomorrow but thought you might be interested in having a peek inside these two English books. The first one is "Crochet in No Time" by Melody Griffiths.

The contents page will give you an idea of what's inside but I'll show you a few more pics of patterns that caught my eye.

This beret requires a chunky yarn and has 492 medium glass beads worked into it - can you imagine the weight ?

This red cardigan is probably my favourite pattern in the book.

And for the little lady in your life ...

Not forgetting the little boy ...

A toy for the boy (and girl) ..

Finally, for Mum ...

The other book is called "Weekend Crochet for Babies" by Sue Whiting. Some beautiful patterns in this book but again, here's a little look at just a few.

How about a hoodie ..

Or a bunny ...

And a great one for charity crochet ...

Think that should be enough to whet your pattern appetite.


  1. Thanks for the preview Dorothy, I wil be onto the library for that book. I like the look of the red jacket :))

  2. Wow! Dorothy, so many nice patterns.. i especially like the pink beret..:)


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