Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I must be getting tired

Can't be bothered doing any more crochet ... can't be bothered playing Bejeweled Blitz ... talk-back radio is getting a bit boring ... desperately need a cup of coffee !!!! Perhaps I should have an early night.

Today's been busy but not overly productive. Did some knitting this morning, read emails this afternoon while waiting for today's CAL square pattern to be posted. It arrived at 4pm and so far I've made three. Its a nice easy circle in a square pattern -

The yellow one in the front is machine washable Bendigo Woolen Mills Classic, the dark brown one at the back is an American yarn, Bernat Pounder (worsted weight), and the other is Marvel. I have to show you this ....

The green yarn beside the brown one is a 200g ball of Bendigo Woolen Mills Classic. Had to put something there to give you an idea of the size of this Bernat which I found lurking in the back of one of my shelves. I think I'm going to have to wind it into smaller balls as its just too big to work from. The wool I'm knitting with (Magnum Soft) fell to bits last night and I had a terrible job getting it untangled. If this huge ball did that I'm afraid my patience or lack of, would get the better of me and the whole lot would probably be thrown out. Better to spend the time winding it into smaller balls.

Ah, now for that cup of coffee.


  1. The pattern looks lovely and quick, how amazing the difference is between yarn of the same ply. Do they weigh the same???Which do you prefer to use??
    Yes it is time for coffee :))

  2. I loved this pattern too, simple but effective. But they yarn I'm using is not too good did the 8 rounds and it only is about 5-1/2 inches. Trying to decide to just repeat rounds or to buy yarn, as I have nothing else in autumn tones

  3. Maria, I think this is an American pattern used with their worsted weight. I made one square with Bernat ww and it turned out exactly the right size according to the pattern .. ie 8 rounds. I had to do 9 rounds when I used our 8ply. It is a nice easy pattern though isn't it ?


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