Thursday, September 16, 2010

I could just scream !

I've been wandering around all day wondering what to do with myself ! Last night I needed a break from the Australian tartan rug, so I started a child's crochet sweater and finished the back (looks good too, even if I say so myself). I don't know what's wrong with me but if I see a pattern that looks interesting I simply need to try it NOW. Well, today I spent some time having a browse at patterns I have saved (from the net) onto my computer and stumbled across a knitted dishcloth pattern called Aussie dishcloth - no picture - big mistake !! Of course, I had to grab some needles and start making one (the crochet sweater can wait). What do you think of this ?

I can see Tasmania and the bottom part of Australia - BUT I can also see the letters AK - should that be AU ?? Now that just doesn't seem right to me so this little project is destined to be frogged as I don't want to waste my lovely Bendigo cotton. What a waste of time - I could have done the front of that sweater.

To cheer myself up I grabbed my good old hook and made something yellow. Found this coaster on a fellow bloggers blog. I believe the pattern is on Ravelry - also free from Coats & Clark website.

It is yellow but my scanner seems to be less fond of yellow than I am - or its having a bad day too! Actually, the coaster is yellow with a green edging but of course you knew that !!

Seems I'm not the only one having a bad day .. two of the local radio stations have gone off the air - probably something to do with the weather - so I think I might go to bed and read a good book.


  1. I know what you mean. It was one of those days...A what to do day. :))
    I wonder why A K.? maybe the initials of the pattern maker?
    I like the pattern of the coaster looks quick to make up.

  2. Coaster was very quick to make Pat. You can probably work the pattern out just by looking at it. Super easy, brain dead, almost instant gratification (a FO !!)

  3. Hello Dorothy! loved the pics form your latest post! those are some seriously cute baby animals! Raymond liked the kitten... hes sitting here next to me...
    love your mandala from this post too!


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