Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hey Hey Hey, its a beautiful day.

What a great day its been. Lovely warm weather at last, a finished project and a remarkable discovery !! First let me show you my FO ..

I used a new pattern from JustCrochet and I love it. Heather's patterns are so beautiful and also very easy to follow. For this hooded cape I used Shepherd Baby Wool 4ply machine washable which is 100% wool, made in Australia. I just need to buy three little buttons for it tomorrow then it will be winging its way to Belgium on Saturday to Lisa, a new arrival for friends of my daughter and son-in-law.

And what was my discovery? My friends on Australiacrochet can tell you that I've been talking about starting a wool-eater blanket (Reversible Hungarian Rug) and want to use Magnum 8ply which seems to be a bit like hens teeth around these parts. Soooo .... (what a great excuse for a trip to the coast) .. I have been thinking of going to Batemans Bay to visit the Bargain Box for my supplies. The lady there usually has a whole heap of Magnum 8ply in a wide range of colours. Well, surprise surprise, I was in my local supermarket this afternoon and you wouldn't want to know ... right there before my eyes were about half a dozen bins of (you guessed it) - Magnum 8 ply. Naturally I bought three balls - just to see if I still like it, and since I've finished the baby's cape, I just might make a square or two tonight. Still want to go to the coast for a few days though so I can veg out, buy yarn, read some good books and watch the sunset across the water. Such bliss.


  1. You crochet beautifully Dorothy, and the pattern is delightful :)).. Bliss indeed. I hope you take a pic or two for us to enjoy also.. Have great day :))

  2. Thank you for your kind comment Pat. I have to say this was one of the most enjoyable items I've made recently. Instructions easy to follow, yarn absolutely beautiful to work with and a deadline to work toward. All I have to do now is to sew 3 little buttons on it and tomorrow morning it will be on its way to Belgium.

  3. Such a pretty project, Dorothy, well done
    Curious as to which supermarket had the Magnum?

    But don't let it stop you having an enjoyable trip to the coast

  4. Forget to mention - I didn't know that Shepherd used Australian merino - I thought they were NZ.
    I prefer to support our own industry, but recently got enticed to the softness of Shepherd's 4ply. NZ is almost home ☺

  5. Pat .. I found the Magnum at our local supermarket .. Supabarn at Kaleen. Actually bought another 2 balls this afternoon LOL. Can't help myself.

  6. Maria .. On the ball band it says the yarn is 100% pure wool made in Australia. On the logo are the words "Quality Australian Pure New Wool". I always thought Shepherd was a NZ company too - perhaps they're branching out. There was no mention of merino wool but it felt oh so beautifully soft as you know.


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