Monday, March 14, 2011

Spotlight Knitting Party

After all the dreadful news coming out of Japan regarding the horrific devastation, loss of life, potential nuclear disaster and now a volcano eruption, its hard to be cheerful but I want to share with you something that has really brightened my day.

On Saturday I attended the Spotlight Knitting Party at their Queanbeyan store. It was a very pleasant day with a mix of people and activities. A few of us were knitting skull caps which will be sent to the Australian troops in Afghanistan (to wear under their helmets), then there were two young girls - one learning to knit and the other making pom pom monsters and doing loom knitting. During the afternoon a few ladies arrived - one wanting to learn how to crochet and another just needing some help with starting off a granny square. There was also a 'guess how many balls in the basket' competition and I received a phone call yesterday telling me I had won !! Here's my lovely prize ..

and this is what was inside ..

Would you like a closer look ?

... a total of 30 balls of Moda Vera yarn - Cinderella (4), Noemi (1), Marvel 8ply (7), Flurry (10) and Pure Wool 8ply in all the same dye lot (8).

Madison was very excited and most interested in what was on the table. You'll have to excuse her bad manners but the girl just couldn't help herself.

and do you know what ? Being quite camera shy, one is all we're gonna get !!!!!


  1. Congrats Dorothy, what a lovely haul of yarn. Love to see what you do with the "fancy" yarns

  2. I love it!!!
    The colours of yarn are wonderful, what will you make with it??
    What a lovely surprise,.. Congrats Dorothy
    sounds like you had a lot of fun to boot :)) hugs pat ..

  3. Hi Dorothy! Wow, what a prize you got! What are you planning to make with it all? Sounds like a super fun event, too. Great way to make new friends!

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  4. What an awesome prize!! Enjoy every stitch, and the feel of the yarn in your hand. Any idea what you will make?


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