Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A most beautiful time of the year

Its hard to believe that summer is over - we've had such funny weather lately but now its time to look forward to the beautiful colours of autumn that our city enjoys each year. Its also time to start thinking about getting the winter woolies ready for when the cold hits.

I had an email from a friend yesterday asking for suggestions for some yarn someone had given to her. I've never heard of this particular French yarn - the tag says "Dubucher" and "Bois Joli" from "Tourcoing France" but my friend can't find a picture anywhere on the web to show me. Anyway she says it's a cottony-look yarn of boucle type in pinks/whites and reds and my friend instantly thought Scarf and hat set for mothers' day for the refuge she supports. We figured its between a 5 and 8ply so I suggested a V-stitch neckwarmer and made up this little one to show her ... (have to get two buttons to go where those pink needles are)

I'm now about to try out a hat pattern to go with this neck-warmer .. found it on the net and its called Damian Beanie, (made by Meg Dec 2007). I think the V stitch is very suitable for boucle type yarns as you don't have to actually work into the stitches - just into the spaces.

Also finished off another two projects .. such a lovely feeling isn't it?

I can't post a pic of the baby's poncho sweater which is the second of my FOs ... no matter what I try, the picture uploads rotated and I don't want you all getting a sore neck trying to see it. Another challenge to try to overcome tomorrow.


  1. I love autumn colours. Every time I arrange a trip for that time of year, something goes wrong and the change is either very late or very early.
    I prefer to work between the stitches so would love a link to the beanie

  2. Maria .. I'm using 8ply with a 5mm hook which is a size larger than I usually use, but the beanie is only working up in a child's size. I'm going to work out another pattern for an adult and will probably post it here after its tested. If you'd like the pattern I have, google Free Crochet Pattern Damian Beanie and you should get it. My printed version doesn't have the link printed on it and unfortunately I can't remember where I found it.

  3. Hi Dorothy, amazing that you're having fall there and we're begging for spring here.

    I tried making a poncho for my granddaughter and it didn't come out right at all.. hmm... love the pink sweater!!

    Hugs from Oregon.. T

  4. Dorothy, you are on a roll...what lovely items you are making.


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