Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Your wish is my command (and a hat) !!

One of my lovely blog friends has asked for a pic of the mile-a-minute (sometimes known as mile-a-millenium) strips I've been making for Knit4Charities. Here you go Pat ...

I think my stripping days are over for awhile as I have lots of other WIMs tempting me. I saw this tutorial for a scoodie (scarf/hoodie) on YouTube and think I'll give it a try as DD and her husband are going to the mountains for a few days over Easter and I think this might come in handy to help keep her warm.

Last night I whipped up another little hat to go in my charity donations box. Here's Charlotte modelling it for you.

Don't you love that cute little pom-pom on the top ? Its actually a crocheted pom-pom as I don't like the ordinary ones on baby's or young children's hats for safety reasons. If they happen to start coming apart I think those little bits of wool would be quite dangerous if ingested. Anyway, if you want to make a crochet pom-pom, just ch4 and join into a circle, then do about 24 x 3ch loops into the circle with a dc (sc if you use US terminology) between each one, then do 5 trebles (dc for US) in each loop right the way around. I found this pattern somewhere on the internet but can't remember where, otherwise I'd give credit to the designer for this nifty little pom-pom that would be more than happy to double as a flower embellishment if you want one.

Update on that knitted hat which is almost ready for the crown shaping ..... no further progress and no, its not because I'm afraid of those dpn's, its just 'cause the wool is dark and the light wasn't bright enough !! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. That's a really great idea for a baby beanie pompom - I agree, much safer!

  2. You're so right on the pompoms made the regular way, they come apart so often! Thanks for the idea!


  3. Thankyou for the pic of the crochet mile-a-minute, colourful and oh so do-able LOL..
    Love the way you have made a flower pompom, on the baby hat :))
    I am going to be busier now than ever, a pattern for a scoodie has been put on the list of to-do's..:))
    Thanks also for the link back to me ..
    Hope your day is a crafty one :))

  4. I have never liked pom-poms for that reason. May have to try your pattern.

    come on Dorothy, you can work DPN's on that hat :-)))))

  5. love the pom-pom idea! thanks for sharing x

  6. Lovely colours in the strips Dorothy, love the hat too.. :))


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