Friday, June 3, 2011

Confab Day 1

After waiting such a long time for this day, I have to say it was so lovely to meet 28 fellow Knit4Charities members plus Pam and Kerry. Today we met at 4pm for registration, a get to know you session and a casual meal. Kerry and her wonderful helpers did a magnificent job of putting together our confab bags which contained such an array of absolutely fantastic goodies. There was much fun, laughter and chatter as we 'met' each other in the flesh at long last. For members who were unable to attend this year, I took a few photos to share with you. The first pic is our Confab bags and the KAL bag - no idea what we'll be making but our homework tonight is the first 40 rows. The second pic shows one of the six tables of excited members checking out the contents.

Kerry then gave us a rundown of what to expect tomorrow and announced the venue for next year's confab to be held at Wallaby Rise which is nestled among 107 acres of natural bushland and opposite beautiful Lake Glenmaggie, 30 minutes drive from Traralgon in the Gippsland area of Victoria.

I'm sorry if the quality of these pictures isn't too good but I left a few items at home and am working with what I have at hand.

Some of you will know Jane from Papillongold who designed a lovely square which is now known as the Rejoicing Square - here's a pic of Jane giving Kerry a rug she has made with these squares for one of our charities.

And here's a close-up ..

Di Jones brought her beautiful cathedral window afghan to show us .. isn't this gorgeous

Now I must get on with my homework (40 rows) and try to get some sleep as we have a 7.45am start tomorrow !! Last night in the motel carpark, a car alarm went off at 3am and woke EVERYBODY - I do hope that doesn't happen again tonight.


  1. What fun you are having! You make me want to organize a crochet event here. Hmmmm... Keep the great photos and story coming for those of us not there!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. You are so sneaky Dorothy, I didn't even realise you had taken a photo hehehe. But a great pictorial documentation of events and Di's Cathedral windows is truly spectacular.

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  4. Sounds like you had a great time Dorothy. Beautiful work by the ladies... :))


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