Friday, January 13, 2012

Guess what

Its called 'stash enhancement' and yes, I did need it !! Well maybe NEED might be too strong a word but I did think this was pretty and since I'm making baby things at the moment I did have a very strong desire to buy a few balls - plus, you simply just cannot go into the city and come home empty handed. Can you ?

I've been keeping a record of the number of hats I've made in a little notebook, and I made a little mistake in my last post. These are actually numbers 14 and 15 ..

After an overnight temperature of 1.6 degrees celsius on Wednesday night (middle of summer) which was the coldest January temperature since records started back in 1939, the sun is now shining and today was a very pleasant 27 degrees. These little carpet roses are still doing well and look so pretty in my front courtyard but I couldn't resist bringing these few inside to brighten things up a bit.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Those colours make me smile. I believe that we all NEED more yarn!

  2. Love the yarn and the hats.. and sooo jealous of the roses! We're expecting snow here!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. The hats are so cute! I love the colors in the first yarn pictured. Yum.

  4. Now you've done it Dorothy.. I really have to have that yarn.. I love the colours for babies items :))
    The hats are sweet and the roses are just gorgeous..
    I agree, I can't believe how cold it is , what happened to summer ??

  5. Goodness Dorothy.. What lovely colours.. Now I'm the one who's green Lol... Love the hats.. :)


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