Sunday, January 13, 2013

Guess who came to dinner ?

We had the most frightful weather here a few days ago - temperatures around 38 degrees C (just over 100 deg F) with very strong winds which were causing terrible bushfires all around Australia.  My next door neighbour knocked on the door to say that one of our dogs had got out and her husband was chasing it up the street. The funny thing is that we only have one dog now and she was sound asleep in her bed in the family room. Minutes later the neighbour came back along the road with this little fellow who was obviously suffering with the heat ....

We used to have Pugs and know the breed well so we took him inside, cooled him down, gave him a big drink of water, and (as you can see he loves his food) we fed him. Thanks to the magic of microchip, we were able to locate his owner and 10 year old "Herman" happily went home a few hours later. He was a real sweet fellow, a little deaf we think and was very polite with our dog and cat. Typical Pug - they're a wonderful breed.

I've been busy making crochet squares today for one of our Knit4Charities projects - Ronald McDonald House.  I have lots of ends to sew in so I'll save the picture till my next post.

Thanks for visiting and have a great week.


  1. That was a very caring thing to do Dorothy, his owners must be thrilled to have him home safe and
    Sound... :-)

  2. Dorothy.. we've been worrying about you, so thanks for letting us know you're okay. What a fun thing to rescue that little guy! Did you come see the post I just did with our cold frosty weather? It might make you cool down. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. This weather is so hard on animals, He was a lucky dog to have found you :))
    but a very cute little visitor..

  4. He is so cute, look forward to seeing your squares


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