Monday, January 21, 2013

Well I never ..

Yes, that's right folks, I've had dogs all my life and have never made a doggie coat. However, I kind of felt I had to try one and I really surprised myself. What I thought I couldn't do ... I could !! yaaay

A very kind lady from Knit4Charities sent me a book full of dog coats and it has some really cute patterns. I really enjoyed making this little coat - all I need now is a Chihuahua to go with it.  Or perhaps I'll donate it to one of our charities.

Also been making a few squares for charity. These, along with other donated squares will be made into blankets for Ronald McDonald House in Canberra. I always have fun with squares and go berserk with colour.  Might have to do a few more before sending them off to the lady who will be joining them together.

We've been sweltering here lately but I've started getting organised for when the cold weather hits in a few months time. I like to donate hats, scarves, fingerless mitts for the homeless each year so need a good supply.  I'm thinking of doing cowls too this year as they seem to be all the go at the moment. I also think they're better than a scarf as they don't fall off.  I have a couple of hats already done and finished this one on the weekend.

Madison has found herself a new friend in Charlotte and she sits with her every morning, catching a bit of sun through the lounge room window - can't you just hear her saying "does this angle make me look fat"?

Have a great week.


  1. What a darling doggy coat. I love it! You've been busy with squares and hats. Will you have time for the TAL?

    Such a pretty kitty. I miss ours. One should always have a cat, don't you think?

  2. I love the doggy coat, too - it's so cute! The colors in your squares are so vibrant and fun!

  3. Well, I know a little white chihuahua that would look smashing in that little sweater! ;)

    You did a great job on it. Don't you love doing something you weren't sure you could? Crochet is so fun.

  4. Very cute doggy coat. Looks like you've been a busy lady.

  5. Such a cute little doggy coat! I, too, spend most of my time crafting for charities and I love to meet other like-minded people.


  6. I think Pammy Sue has her eye on that little dog coat lol... very cute :))

    I had to smile at the last remark with the cat, I enjoy the neighbours cats when they come to visit..
    what size are your squares Dorothy ??

  7. Love your dog coat.. my Buddy would look cute in that! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. What a great dog coat! Last year, because K4BN needed so many dog coats to give out, I ended up sewing some out of polar fleece remnants. That's a good idea about the cowls Dorothy, might investigate some patterns. Those crocheted squares look so cheerful and will look great in a blanket. I'm still doing the 15 round squares in indigenous colours and already we've had requests for some blankets in those colours. One more thing Dorothy, do you have a 'followers' button on your blog?

  9. your beautiful cat and her friend xx

  10. That is one handsome sweater and I love the fact that you do so much for Charity. You should be really proud

  11. Dorothy, are you okay down there? After reading your comment on my blog today, I'm a little worried about you. I hope you are out of harm's way.

  12. Dorothy, are you okay down there? After reading your comment on my blog today, I'm a little worried about you. I hope you are out of harm's way.


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