Thursday, September 19, 2013

What a difference an Edge makes ...

For the past few hours I've been searching for the pattern of a diagonal square which I had half done but had forgotten how to get the little squares along the edge. Turns out its called 'Grandmothers Favourite Dishcloth' and what a versatile pattern it has turned out to be.  Have a look at these gorgeous baby blankets some ladies have put on Ravelry ...

Doesn't that edging turn it into something really special ? There are dozens more on Ravelry - well worth a look.

I haven't got anything to show you today - I'm just trying to finish off a few knitted 10" squares so I can make a delivery to the Wrap with Love collector. I think I might have mentioned in an earlier post that I'm getting pain in my right upper arm and my doctor is quite convinced I have RSI from a combination of playing games on Facebook and knitting and crocheting. At first she said I should rest the arm for at least two weeks but when she saw my reaction to that idea, we came to a compromise that I hold off on the games, crochet for short periods and knit using circular needles only.  I think the fact that my doctor is a knitter herself (and a very talented one too) helped in her making that compromise as she would know that two weeks without hook or needle would drive a person nuts !!!

Today has been a sad day but one of fond memories for me.  My husband who passed away almost 9 years ago, would have turned 74 today. We would have been out to dinner with the family and come back home for coffee and birthday cake. We still celebrate our birthdays that way but its not quite the same without 'Dad'.

One of my favourite photos of Errol. It was the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) publicity shot they used for the photos sent to listeners or anybody else requesting one. A bigger version of the same pic was also used in a special exhibition at Australia's Parliament House (about 2005/6) on the occasion of the anniversary of 50 years of parliamentary broadcasts.

Now for a few more rows (on circulars) before I go to bed !!  Thanks for visiting. xox


  1. What a handsome husband! I bet you miss him terribly. I'm glad you get to still knit.. hope you get all well soon. I love that edging!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Oh, Dorothy...I didn't know your husband was no longer with you. I bet it is a sad day when the anniversary comes around. I can't even imagine. He was a handsome guy though. Hugs. Your knitting is so pretty. Love that pink!

  3. Birthdays can be so tough. I'm glad you were able to spend so many years together with him.


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