Saturday, March 22, 2014


Just popping in to say hello and hope you're enjoying your weekend.

I've just recently discovered a new trick with Google+ and am experimenting here so please just bear with me.  This picture is of a Pug litter we bred many years ago - maybe around 1981. No digital technology back then so the quality isn't the best.

How about a few flowers ....

Would you like to see where we went to look for possible wedding pic sites ?

The future Mr & Mrs

How about this one of Quincy last Christmas? We don't even get snow here and certainly not in the lounge-room !!

Ha ha .. that poor guy must be tired doing all that walking. Oh dear, I'd better stop before you get totally sick of my playing around.    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xox

PS ... In case you were wondering, that wasn't me doing the stretchy cast on in my last post. It was our CWA craft officer Ann L.  I was the expert videographer !! :)


  1. Lovely pics I think the lake is lovely this time of the year... :))

  2. I love the picture of the pugs - I don't think the age of the photo is showing at all.


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