Sunday, March 2, 2014

Productive weekend

Not in a crafty way, but I did achieve a fair bit this weekend. Yesterday I picked up my outfit for my eldest daughter's wedding which is in April so all I need now is to get my shoes and bag.  After that youngest DD and I visited PetStop for some supplies for Quincy and a little doggy chocolate for him. Its such a wonderful place and you could easily be tempted to part with lots of money - but we resisted. There was a little toy poodle there doing a bit of shopping too. Its fun when the dogs accompany their owners and this little guy was such a happy puppy. By dinner time, with DD's help, we had managed to sort through my wardrobe (to make room to hang the wedding outfit) and ended up with three big garbage bags of clothes that are now too big for me. Yaay ...

This morning my grandson came to spend a few hours. He and his aunty did a bit of cooking ...

Pizza Pull-aparts almost ready to go into the oven - looking good already.

Sorry I can't give you a recipe as this came out of DD's head. I do know that it contains ham, cheese, capsicum, tomato sauce and herbs and of course butter, flour and milk. We tested a small piece each and it was delicious.  Ryan will have these in his lunchbox next week.

Now for a recipe that I had saved from the 4 Ingredients people on Facebook - its called Chocolate Slice and is very very easy and very very nice.

Here's our little chef about to put it in the fridge for a few minutes before adding the finishing touches - then voila ...

If you'd like to make some, you can get the recipe here.

In the tidy up of my room, I came across some lovely yarn which I was using for a Queen Anne's Lace scarf but you know what ... I've gone off that pattern a bit so I frogged the whole thing and am now trying to find a knit pattern that I think will be good for this yarn. Also have a couple of almost finished projects which I want to get out of the way this week.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you all have a lovely week ahead.


  1. That pull-apart pizza looks really delicious. So your daughter is one of those people who just throws things together with no recipe? Clever girl. She should start writing this stuff down so she can duplicate it. Some day she will be old like us and won't remember what she did! Ha. Watched the video for the chocolate slice. I made something very similar this week only it had salty pretzels instead of the biscuits. Very good!

  2. That's lovely that you have your outfit for your DD's wedding and how wonderful that you had so many clothes that now are too big for you! There's something cathartic about clearing out wardrobes. :-)


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