Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Best Ta-Dah .. but not of the crochet kind !

After being in hospital since Tuesday, was the wait worth it?  You bet !!  Sorry about the quality of that pic but recovery room staff are no doubt better nurses than photographers. If you don't mind indulging this very proud Nanna, I'd like to share some of the pics we took today.

Mum and Dad (above) holding their darling little bundle of joy.

My two beautiful grandsons - I don't know what Ryan (my other daughter's 12yo son) was doing to deserve the screwed up face and tongue poking out. Guess we'll never know.

I usually shy away from showing my picture but I guess there's no party without punch !!

How's this for a perfect FO ?  Can't you tell he's a much loved little boy? (That's his Dad's hairy leg you can see behind him there. I took the photo over Dad's shoulder and didn't realise his leg was showing.

Bye for now ....


  1. *C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* to your daughter and your whole family! He's a treasure, so beautiful! I look forward to seeing some of your yarny creations on him. Enjoy! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Hi Dorothy!! Well you must be over the moon!!
    Thanks for sharing your fantastic news and congratulations to your daughter and her husband on their new baby!!!
    All the best!
    Ingrid xx

  3. A beautiful family Album... So thrilled for you all Dorothy.. Congratulations :)) hugs pat :))

  4. Aww!!! So happy for you and the family, Dorothy! Look at that precious little face! I showed my myself on my blog when my granddaughter was born too, something I rarely do. Something about having that little miracle to show off makes you forget about yourself and your insecurities, doesn't it? You look beautiful and happy and proud. Hugs.

  5. So good to see a picture of you holding that little bundle of joy!!! That is just the cutest little face EVER!

  6. Congratulations Dorothy that's wonderful news :)
    And thank you for the lovely comments.

  7. What a beautiful post and such a beautiful looking baby!

  8. Christmas Blessings to you Dorothy and your beautiful family. Grandchildren are one of the best gifts at Christmas.. hugs pat ..

  9. Sweet post and gorgeous photos. Merry Christmas. :)

  10. congratulations...beautiful post


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