Saturday, November 8, 2014

Crochet Catch-Up

Although I keep in touch with most of my fellow bloggers by commenting on their posts, I'm feeling a little bit guilty for not having done a post of my own for so long. Lots of 'things' have been happening in my life but I won't bother you with details. 

The most exciting news is that my new grandson will be here in a couple of weeks, with an expected arrival date of November 19. Of course this may change if he starts to grow too quickly - DD is now being monitored twice a week. She is going to be a 'traditional' mother and keep him looking like a baby rather than a little adult. I like that as they're only babies for a short time and there's nothing nicer than to see a baby in those 'nice little things'.  I've been busy with the hooks and needles, of course. This little matinee jacket is done in Australian 4ply with a 3mm hook. The pattern is from Vicki Moodie's book "Crocheted Matinee Jackets".  

Apparently he was a bit short on hats (according to DD) so naturally Nanna came to the party and provided these two.  With summer days approaching quite rapidly now (today is 29C) he probably won't be needing many but the knitted one is stretchy so might come in handy for next autumn.

 I can't remember when I started this pram/car seat blankie but with not much more than the last few rows and border to go, it was easy to turn this UFO into a FO. I used Bendigo Woollen Mills "Luxury" which is a beautiful soft Aussie 8ply machine washable wool.

The pattern is called Cloud Soft Shells and is from Leisure Arts book called "Our Best Baby Afghans". (Leisure Arts #2853). There are 54 gorgeous patterns in this book so if you're planning to treat yourself to something nice for Christmas, check it out. At the time of writing this post, there are 5 copies listed on eBay and a couple are priced really low.

I have a few other UFOs lurking around in my craft room and I've decided to TRY and complete at least one a month. I think the reason I have so many UFOs is that I see something I like on other people's blogs or somewhere on the internet and am motivated to make whatever it is myself. Then, especially if its something big, I get bored with it or see something else that I just have to make ...... and so it goes. Can you relate to this? Its obviously lack of self control but I suppose when it all boils down, if you're enjoying your craft, that's all that matters.

My son-in-law has been wanting to do a bit of gardening (surprise, surprise) so we went to Bunnings the other day and bought lots of plants - a couple of Nandina shrubs, lots of marigolds and petunias and this Kangaroo Paw plant which is my favourite. Kangaroo Paw is a plant native to Western Australia with flowers that resemble kangaroo paws. It is grown in home gardens and as a houseplant. Now its just a matter of trying to keep the dogs off the gardens and hoping that son-in-law retains his gardening mojo. Fingers crossed for a colourful display at Christmas.

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  1. I love all the little baby items - they're very nice. Your grandson will be kept warm and cozy. :)

  2. Hi, Dorothy! Your Matinee Jacket is soooo cute! It looks so neatly and perfectly made. I also really love that blanket, and I have that pattern book. I'll have to keep that one in mind next time I get a hankering to make a baby blanket. I haven't been in the mood for baby stuff in a long while now. I can definitely relate to all the unfinished projects you have. I have many myself that I would love to finish. Good luck with your endeavor. Glad to see you posted. Wishing all the best for your daughter and the new baby's arrival!

  3. How exciting to have a new baby due to arrive in time for Christmas! Congratulations. All the items you've made are very cute. I like the more traditional "baby stuff" too.

  4. Wow, you had lots to share! Love all your baby things you're making for the new little guy.. that is VERY exciting! I hope mama has an easy birth and the babe is healthy.. can't wait to see the baby with the hat on and maybe wrapped in his blanket! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Hi Dorothy! Thanks for commenting on my blog - and for finding me! :) Wow, you made some very cute baby things for the coming baby!!! I bet you are all excited! Your crochet looks lovely!!!! <3
    I just noticed you also read a book that I read about a year ago: Liane Moriarty - The Husband's secret. I really enjoyed reading it!! Hopefully I get round to reading her next book sometime soon!
    Enjoy your weekend! And good luck with finishing those lurking UFOs, I think everybody has got some of them!
    Ingrid xx

  6. Beautiful Dorothy, I can feel your excitement, maybe our grandchildren will be born on the same date... :))

  7. I hope all goes well with the birth of your new Grandson :)

  8. Congratulations on the new Grandson on the way! He is a lucky little boy to have such a talented Grandma making beautiful heirlooms for him to snuggle.

  9. Love the matinee jacket. We are in WA now and the Kangaroo paws grow wild and 6 feet or taller. Hope yours does well and gives you joy.


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