Monday, March 9, 2015

Crochet (Knit) Catch-up

Oh dear, its been so long since I've posted I think I may have forgotten how to do it !!  I'll try to fill you in on what's been happening for the past few weeks in my life. It has been a rather hectic time in that we have eventually secured a lovely room in one of our better nursing homes here for my step-father. As his Enduring Power of Attorney, there's been plenty of things for me to take care of. He is now settled in to a nice big room (with ensuite) with plenty of space for a sofa, easy-chair, TV cabinet and of course telly plus some of his own personal things like paintings on the wall, framed photos etc. to make him feel 'at home'.

I have only been able to manage small crochet/knit projects but better small than not at all I suppose.

10" square for my Australia Crochet Facebook group partner

Moss Stitch Fingerless Mitts (probably for me)

Knit4Charity February donations for Rockhampton
 Homeless Connect Day

Oliver wearing his new hat made by Nanna. The first one was too big and came down over his eyes so he's saving it for when he grows a bit more !!!

I bought 5 balls of Bendigo Woollen Mills new wool to be released mid March. Its called "Bloom" - is 100% PureNew Wool, 8ply and comes in some gorgeous colours. It was a pre-release bargain so I just had to get some to try. I'm currently knitting a Diagonal Scarf from one of their BWM leaflets (PT8291).  I'll take a photo soon to show you how its coming along.

Tomorrow Oliver and his mummy are going for their first dip in the pool to see if he wants to attend baby swim classes. Naturally Nanna will be tagging along and will no doubt be tempted to take the odd photo or two (or three or .....).

Till next time ... take care and I'll see you 'at your place'.


  1. Hi Dorothy! Little Oliver looks so sweet in his hat! He has such a happy face, he must be a doll. All your projects are gorgeous and love your wrist warmer! I have one made and need to make the 2nd. Enjoy the baby swim experiment. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. That square is beautiful!! And love your mitts too. Little Oliver looks soooo CUTE!!! What a doll. Have fun at the pool. I hope Oliver takes to the water and has fun.

  3. That square is wonderful! I would love to make some kind of pillows out of it. Would you mind posting the name of that granny pattern?

  4. Dorothy, some where along the line in cyberspace I lost touch with you and have been wondering what is happening in your life. Now I know a bit more thanks to this post. I'm so glad you found a good place for your step-dad. I went through that process with both my parents and in-laws years ago although I did not have the challenge of the Enduring Power of Attorney. At any rate, I can appreciate some of what you are experiencing and wish you and yours well. Purple is my favorite color and I think the square you made is stunning! I am studying it wondering if I will ever make anything so lovely. Oliver is an adorable model for the handsome hat you made for him. I just crocheted a baby hat using Teresa's pattern and now I am trying to knit one...slower going :-) I hope the trial swim went well. I just got back from swimming with Teresa and am enjoying the fragrance of the Daffodils our neighbor kindly brought to us as I am typing to you~~~~~ xx

  5. Hi Dorothy, so nice to read you again! Good that you found a fine place for your stepfather, hopefully settling in will not be too difficult for him. Your new works are beautiful! Sweet baby hat (& Oliver of course :-)), great mitts and donations, and I love that square ♥. I like to join Thinkin' Out Loud's question for the name or pattern link, thank you in advance! Greetings & have a good week, Nata

  6. that baby is adorable.
    I love the fingerless mitt you should keep it

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