Friday, September 1, 2017

Wombats and Baby Hats

Being a real animal lover, I have had the BEST time today at our CWA social meeting. Donna from the Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary near Canberra was our special guest speaker and she brought along a gorgeous 5kg baby wombat called Rosie.  But more of that later in this post.

I've been making some baby hats for my daughter to gift to two friends of hers who are expecting soon.

 I used Patons Big Baby 8ply with 3.50mm needles. The pattern is from a self-published booklet by Sandra Rose which I believe is no longer available, unfortunately.

A lovely surprise arrived in the mail for me a few days ago. A friend of mine was wanting to destash some of her yarn and offered to make a scarf for me from some gorgeous 8ply Bendigo Woollen Mills Alpaca Silk Blend in the colour Silky Coral.

Isn't it a pretty pattern. K had already made a couple of hats with the same yarn and she sent those as well, saying that if I didn't want them to donate them to a charity. Hats look terrible on me so I'll find a suitable place for them to go. Maybe to the hospital's beanie basket for people going through chemotherapy.

Are you ready to meet Rosie?

Here she is with Donna who was telling us how big Rosie was when she first came into her care. Rosie is now 5kg and is such a delight. Affectionate, cute, friendly, confident (in fact full of herself) and not a bit scared to wander around our rooms checking out everyone and their bags that were under the tables. She almost took off with one belonging to the lady sitting next to me. I wonder what was in that particular bag?

By the way, a full grown wombat can weigh around 40kg so Rosie has a lot of growing to do. We learnt that they are lactose intolerant, their teeth never stop growing and eating grass helps keep their teeth at the correct size, they have a very very long large intestine, do their poos in an elevated place (like on a tree stump) and said poos are never anything else but square.

During the visit, Rosie was due for a bottle. Here's a picture of our branch president doing the honours.

How cute is that?

I could go on forever - it was such an informative talk. However, I won't risk boring you anymore ...... except to say ......

Bye bye from Rosie. xox


  1. Your baby hats are precious. What a sweet pattern. Too bad it is no longer available in print. What a lovely surprise in that scarf. It is sure to keep your neck nice and toasty.

    Thanks for the info on the wombat. After I read what you wrote, I looked up more info on them through the internet. Fascinating creatures. We don't have them here in the USA. Don't think I have even seen one at a zoo.

  2. Oh my goodness.. I'm in love with your little Wombat! I would have loved to hold it. The scarf your friend made is spectacular! I hope you model it for us one day soon. Enjoy your weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I don't think I have ever seen pictures of a wombat before. How cute is she?????
    I love the coral colour of your scarf. What a lovely gift.

  4. Not boring at all - square poos!! I love the hats and the scarf is a gorgeous present, what a beautiful colour.

  5. adorable! Rosie is very cute! And so are your hats!!! What a nice gift, the scarf is so pretty! :)

  6. I am an animal lover too and Rosie is a cutie pie! I've never see one as a baby/toddler or up that close...great pictures! Are they related to Koala bears? Her facial features reminded me of them.
    Your hats are precious and how sweet of you. Your friend is a friend indeed to make you such a beautiful scarf and the hats are just a bonus!
    I love hearing about the lives and adventures of our YOP friends as many are all over the world and I feel lucky to get to experience things that the travel videos never share. Thank you so much!

  7. P.S. I wish you would have gotten a picture of the square poo! LOL! That I have never seen!

  8. Your baby hats looks so squishy soft and lovely. And what a beautiful scarf. I love the color of that yarn. So glad you shared about Rosie the Wombat. I know nothing about Wombats and you've now made me curious, so I'm sure I'll be reading up on them here shortly. How interesting it must be to belong to such an organization as the CWS.

  9. Your baby hats are gorgeous Dorothy and I love your scarf, what a beautiful gift to receive and I'm sure you will find happy thankful homes for the donation hats. You are right Rosie steals the show and thank you for sharing, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to learn anything if it wasn't for your post.

  10. Dorothy, today I learned something new about a creature I rarely give much thought to, the wombat. Thank you for sharing all that. Also the knitted baby hats are so sweet. Love that pattern. Those new moms will know for sure their babies will have nice warm heads. The scarf you received as a gift is lovely, She chose a lovely pattern, what a thoughtful gift. I look silly in hats too, but the older I get the less I care how I look....I'm all about comfort and more than likely if I look goofy you can bet there are plenty of other folks out there wearing hats that are thinking the vary same thing about themselves. The important thing is keeping warm and I'm all for that too.


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