Monday, February 22, 2010

Have a Heart

While flipping through an old notebook, I came across this pattern for a little heart which I thought I'd share with you. I can't take credit for the pattern but have no idea where I got it from. There's not much to it and you can make one in about a minute - note: US terminology.

Pattern - Chain 4 and work all sts in the first of these chains. 3trc, 3dc, ch 1, 1trc, ch 1, 3dc, 3trc, ch2, sl st. FO & sew in tails.

I've been spending way too much time playing with my new computer and haven't done much in the way of knitting or crochet lately BUT I've decided to challenge myself and make this little jumper ..

from this book .....

Crochet is my 'thing' and I'm not much of a knitter these days but if I don't actually try then I can't expect to get any better can I ? Anyway, here it is so far ..

Its been awhile since Madison made an appearance here but she's just way too busy doing what cats do so well. In my next life I want to come back as a cat.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A whole new ball game

Its been ages since I've posted on here but have had major computer problems and ended up having to get a new PC. Its got Windows 7 - so very different from XP which I knew almost inside out and this is definately a different kettle of fish. There are some excellent features and on the whole I think I'm happy except I'm a bit concerned about all my music. A few hundred of my songs have gone missing so I don't want to connect my iPod or I'll lose them from that too. I think my laptop still has my iTunes library on it so I'll have to go back there and copy everything to an external hard drive and move them across from there.

Another annoying thing with Windows 7 is that not much comes with it in the way of software. I understand if you want Outlook Express you now have to purchase it and I've been told its around $230. Windows Live Mail which comes with Windows 7 is reasonably good and I guess will seem better when I'm more familiar with it. I forwarded a funny email to some friends and two of them told me they received it 8 times !! Don't know what went wrong there. I also had to purchase Microsoft Office 2007 - oh and of course also had to buy a monitor as this particular PC didn't come with one. All up, with the necessary things added, it put around $1,000 on top of the cost of the computer.

Anyway, enough of that ! I tried uploading a photo from my camera today and thought I'd see if I can upload it here. I apologise in advance if it doesn't appear as I'm expecting it but as I indicated, I'm on a real learning curve.

Well that was easy. Meet Furby ..... he, along with 2 other furbies sit next to me here in my little 'den'. On the other side there's a family of Mogwais - mum, dad and two kids, but you'll have to wait for another time to meet them.

Haven't done much crochet or knitting lately but I hope to have a pair of bedsocks finished soon. I'm making them for one of the Knit4Charities projects and they need to be finished by 25th.