Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Green Cathedral and other stuff

Thought it was about time I popped in to say hi and to let you know what I've been up to lately.  I had another trip 'up north' (about 700 kms north to be precise) and while there was able to do a little crochet, lots of house-selling repairs and re-listing, and the occasional little excursion.

As some of you know, my youngest daughter Natalie and her DH are expecting their first baby, a little boy (about the middle of November) so of course my focus these days is on baby projects. I did this My Chelle jacket in a couple of nights while watching telly ....

My friend Bev Matheson designed this lovely (and easy) pattern which you can get from either the link above to Ravelry or on Bev's blog, One Yarn after Another .

Also felt like some mindless crochet so bought some acrylic from the $2 shop and whipped up this scarf another night.

I had a few hours to spare a couple of days before leaving for home so I took myself for a short drive to the Green Cathedral which is on the shore of Wallis Lake. If you blinked while driving through the little town of Tiona, you'd miss it (both the town and the Green Cathedral). Services are held every Sunday and at other times, the odd tourist can be seen wandering down the track to this beautiful place.

down the path we go
check out those tall trees - bet they've been here awhile
looking towards the pulpit - see the pews made from trees
and from the pulpit
Turn around - what a peaceful sight
Speaking of peace, on the way back to my car I spotted this Peace Pole 

Nice sentiment in these troubled times eh ? 

Bye for now