Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fourth Time Lucky ?

This post is a year of projects update.

Frustration has set in once again regarding that Noro Kureyon Sock yarn that I bought in October last year. It started off as a crochet scarf but felt horribly stiff and didn't look all that great so it got frogged and after spending hours on Ravelry and armed with what I figured would be a good pattern for this yarn, I started a knit scarf. Fifteen inches later it was put aside and forgotten about for a few months then (did you guess?) .. it got ripped out and was to become an asymmetrical neck shawl - but only for a day or two when I realised that one ball wouldn't be enough. So now, just because I'm thoroughly sick of it but because it cost too much to just throw away, this yarn is going to end up just a plain garter stitch scarf on 5mm needles so it will be soft, about 5 inches wide and for as long as the yarn lets it be. I won't bore you with a picture right now .... maybe when (if) its finished.

Earlier in the week I received my order of some more lovely Sugar'n'Cream cotton to make washcloths and soap sack gifts. Here's a couple of the cloths ..

I also finished another one of my orders yesterday but I'll have to wait till tomorrow to get a a photo to show you as my camera's battery needed to be charged. This scarf is my favourite so far and is done with the Katia Ondas (Col.74). The pinks and purples work beautifully together and the result is quite stunning. Please pop back tomorrow for a peek.

Can't recall if I put it on my list or not, but during this year of projects I really would like to get back to my Wool Eater blanket (Reversible Hungarian blanket) and either get it finished or well on the way to being finished.

I do tend to procrastinate on some things and blankets are one of them ! Like many crocheters/knitters, I see something that looks interesting, quick and easy so just 'have' to make it straight away. Of course this doesn't leave much time for other, bigger items.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crochet Year of Projects update

Sunday seems to be coming around too quickly these days and as its time for our year of projects update, I thought I'd better pop in to say hello to all my blog-along friends and thank you so much for the lovely comments you left for me last week.

I have been busy crocheting this week and posted what I've been up to a few days ago. Since those cream fingerless gloves, I've made a black pair and still have orders for another 2 pairs in black and five scarves in that gorgeous Katia yarn I told you about recently.

Wishing you all an enjoyable and productive week.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Working Woman or Happy Hooker?

Probably both working woman and happy hooker. I have never actually sold any of my crochet work but would you believe I have orders for 3 pairs of the lacy fingerless gloves and five scarves like the ones in this post? Today I actually made three fingerless mitts - the first one got frogged as I wasn't happy with the size. Isn't it funny how different brands of 8ply wool turn out so different. Now I know why commercial patterns carry that warning about substituting yarns. Anyway, I fiddled with the pattern and feel that I now have it right for this pair done in Bendigo Woolen Mills 8ply Luxury.

I have two more pairs to make in black and will get those done this coming weekend while I'm waiting for the 5 balls of that lovely Katia yarn to arrive. I've seen some cheap and nasty knock-offs of this yarn in one of our larger craft shops but it looks and feels like dish-rag ... yuck !!

Earlier in the week I saw some yarn which is new to me and looked interesting. I was actually looking for some 8ply equivalent cotton for washers but decided to buy a ball of this to see what its like. May not be suitable for a washer but it was lovely to work with. This 'washer' took the whole ball which cost $4.99 so its not actually cheap but I must say is very soft and squishy.
Lincraft Bamboozle 50g - 70% bamboo, 30% cotton.

And for today's touch of 'stupid' .. when there's nothing else to do ... make ice skates and pretend its Christmas (in July)

Finally, I want to thank everyone for their lovely comments on my last YOP post. I love hearing from you all and enjoy visiting your blogs too.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Year of crochet projects - update 3

Finished my Queen Anne's Lace scarf this week and am very happy with the result.
For the record, this is made with one ball of Noro Taiyo, Colour 6.

I don't know what got into me last night but I decided to make myself a needle case to replace an old piece of felt that has been lurking in my sewing cabinet for years and is very tatty. I'm using some pretty pink #10 cotton with a 1.75mm hook. Now that I'm into the rhythm of the pattern, it isn't too bad but it has been ages since I've used anything much less than about a 3.5mm hook so its quite a change for me. Hopefully the ta-da moment will come later this week.

I've also changed one of the items on my YOP list - well not actually changed it but have come across the crochet version of the Saroyan Scarf so will be doing that instead of the knitted one.

Hope you all have a happy and productive week. Thanks for visiting and for all the lovely comments on last week's post.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Three hour scarf

My daughter has been at me to use some of the beautiful yarn she gave me for my birthday last week and she specifically wanted me to try the Triana first. I did want to finish a pair of black lacy fingerless gloves for her in the daylight today but decided to give this new (to me) yarn a go. Three hours later, I have this very pretty scarf. Sorry my model is just a coathanger but my real one is at work !!

The picture on the front of the pattern leaflet gives a better idea of what it looks like on somebody.

I have to say this was a fun project but now I must get on to that second glove!

A few hours later and thanks to my Ott Lite, all finished and ready for DD to wear to work tomorrow -
These were done with a 4.00mm hook in black Panda Machinewash 8ply crepe (100% pure wool). Had to break into a second 50g ball for the last three rounds.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crochet Blog-a-Long update #2

I have some good news and some bad news !!! The bad news is that I was crocheting like a crazy woman on the cream Queen Anne's lace scarf and when I laid it out to see how it was going, I noticed it had become thinner. Checked the hook I was using .. checked my notes .. even checked last week's post .. everything seemed ok except the scarf. SO, after fiddling with different sized hooks, decided I really didn't like it anyway so frogged the lot. Now for the good news .... Ages ago I bought some Noro Taiyo to make one of these scarves but hadn't got around to it. Well, it just about jumped off the table in my craft room and into my hands just at the right moment and so here's what its looking like. Shouldn't take more than an hour or so to finish.

Needing a break from working with the dark colours, last night I found a ball of white Red Heart Sport (50g) in my stash and figured it would be enough for this simple little short sleeved cardi which only took a few hours to make and I think would look nice over a jump suit. This one will be for charity.

We have reached our forecast top temperature for today - 8 degrees celsius. They are forecasting stong gusty winds tonight with an overnight low of minus three. Brrrr .. good weather to stay indoors and play with some lovely warm yarn. When I was at Spotlight the other day, I bought some black wool to make a pair of fingerless gloves for my daughter and am thinking I should get a start on them now so she can have them to wear to work on these cold mornings. Did I tell you I ran short of wool (by about 10 metres) for the dark grey ones I was making for her ? Such a shame as it was a lovely crepe type of wool and looked good. I'll probably end up ringing the shop where I bought it (at Tuncurry on the NSW north coast) and if I can get the same dye lot I could get 2 balls and would have enough to finish the pair for DD and make another pair - maybe for myself.

Friday, July 8, 2011

My once a year day

Just as well birthdays only come once a year. I had a wonderful day yesterday but rather than being TOO wordy, I'll just give you a little look at some of the things I did ....

After a quick visit to Spotlight to stash-up and use my 10% birthday discount and the $20 gift card I won at the Knit4Charities confab, it was off to lunch with my very good friend L to this great little place ..

... its like stepping back in time and I highly recommend it as an excellent eating place and a great place to browse. To find out more click here.

Received some lovely gifts from my girls ..

... this beautiful Lollypots bouquet (chocolate hearts) and some gorgeous yarn ..

My friend gave me a very pretty Australian china coffee mug, some delicious looking home-made marmalade and she also made me this very more-ish cake ..

Finally, it was out to dinner with the family to end a perfect day.

Crochet and knitting has been on the back burner for a couple of days so I really must get a move on so I'll have something to show for the blog-a-long post on Sunday.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Crochet Blog-a-Long update

Although we only started this on July 1, I thought that seeing as though its Sunday and we're updating each Sunday, I'd give you my first report. I decided that the first project from my list will be the Queen Anne's Lace scarf. Not much done so far but at least its a start ...

For this I'm using Panda Magnum 8ply with a 4.50mm hook. The pattern is a free Ravelry download. Its such a pretty pattern, very easy and works up quickly. Awhile back I made one in Noro Taiyo and that worked beautifully in this pattern.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Blog-a-Long ... A Year of Projects

I've joined a group of knitters and crocheters on Ravelry who have decided to run a year long personal challenge by committing to a certain number of projects and a public timeline. Today is the official start of Blog-a-Long and it will continue through to 1st July 2012. The idea is to either work your way through every pattern in a book or make up your own list of things you want to make during the next year (this will be my choice). I'll be posting about my progress every Sunday so if you're interested, please drop by to see how things are going. I have lots of odd balls of yarn that needs using so have selected things that hopefully will help in my de-stashing effort. I also need to allow time for additional ad-hoc projects that take my fancy and of course keep up with my charity items. Anyway, here's my list ....

Victorian Fingerless Mitts (probably a few pairs of these)
Baby's Blanket (needs to be finished by end of August)
Child's cardigan
Queen Anne's Lace Scarf
Slouchy Hat
Saroyan Scarf
Washer and Soap Sack
Urban Shells Beanie (adult size)
Baby Jacket and Hat set
Starburst Hotpad
Kitchen Pants Dishcloths
Past Times Striped Hat
Fragrant Frock Sachet (few for gifts)
Booties (several pairs)
Australian Tartan afghan (already started and really needs finishing .. has been a WIP for way too long)

Wish me luck.