Monday, March 15, 2010

The Monthly !!

That's what it seems to be lately doesn't it? No excuses - let's just say 'life' got in the way, so grab yourself a cup of coffee and let's chat.

It been a busy month for me in lots of ways but probably the most enjoyable occasion was catching up with an old friend who I hadn't seen for 15 years. We had an all day lunch at the golf club and talked and talked and talked - so much that I had a sore throat the next day. Molly handed me a little gift and said 'you might like this'.

It was a lovely surprise and a very good read. In a series of tender and touching anecdotes, Molly tells the story of her beloved pets' lives and their very special gifts. A real warm and fuzzy story and I can highly recommend it to any animal lover. You will need tissues at the end.

Let me tell you a bit about Molly and I'll quote this from the back jacket ...
Molly Oliver Sasson was born in the UK, where she studied piano and voice at the London School of Music. Later she became an intelligence officer with the Royal Air Force and this took her around the globe. Eventually she settled in Australia, where she worked for the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, retiring with the rank of Senior Research Officer. Her busy career has not prevented her from being a dedicated animal lover and for many years she was a successful breeder of Siamese cats. Today she lives in Bayside, Melbourne with her second husband, Albert, and continues her work for animal welfare groups.

While on the subject of books, I treated myself to another couple from the Bookdepository in the UK. I find their books much less expensive than buying them from the US and they offer free shipping worldwide. It usually takes about a week for the books to arrive. I figured these two books would come in handy for my charity crochet.

I've told you before I'm not a good knitter but enjoy doing it anyway. That jumper I told you about in my last post is still on the go, by the way ! Always on the lookout for super easy patterns, I found this on eBay and of course couldn't help myself.

And here's the little hat I made using that pattern

My very good friend Lucille gave me some yummy tomato sauce she made from her home grown tomatoes and I was going to tell you about a dish I made using that sauce but this post is getting a bit long winded so perhaps I'll tell you about it another time. Thanks for the sauce Lucy.