Friday, May 29, 2015

Procrastinate no more .....

I’ve been promising myself to write a blog post for ages now but quite frankly, haven’t had much to say (or show).  I’ve been fiddling around with knitting and crochet – back and forth but not actually finishing much. I did make another Harriet square (see previous post for details) for my next partner in the AustraliaCrochet 10” square exchange.

Something I do want to show you is this blanket which was finished off by my friend Nola for our craft group at CWA (Country Womens Association of NSW). The strips were donated by a member and given to our group to join, add border and donate to charity. I think Nola did a wonderful job, don’t you?

May has been a dreadful time for our family. My cousin Janine who was only 65 years old, passed away on 3rd and the next day, in the early hours of 4th, my son-in-law Glen lost his battle with cancer. Glen and my daughter had celebrated their first wedding anniversary two weeks before his death. Such sad losses.

RIP Glen
19-5-1961 to 4-5-2015
Well, I don’t know how long it will be before my next post – this coming Monday I’m going in for a hip replacement which I’ve been putting off for about 7 or 8 years (cause I’m a scaredy cat) but its now got to the stage that I really don’t have any choice. Another CWA friend reckons that in a few months time I’ll be dancing on the tables at our meeting !!  Now that will be a sight to be seen.

Have to fly now to work out what hooks, yarn, needles etc that I need to pack.
Hmmm ..... ??

Bye ...