Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time to present the present

Mothers Day has come and gone for another year and I hope all the mums had a lovely day. After spending a wonderful day with my family, I opened the gift my partner sent me in Australiacrochet group's Mothers Day Exchange. Look what I received from Pat in Tasmania .....

The little sachet has a vanilla scented envelope inside it and the fragrance is divine. I'm going to hang the sachet in my wardrobe and of course use the washer in the shower.

I haven't been too motivated with regard to knitting and crochet lately so decided to have a change and play with my looms. Most of the patterns are American and they use double worsted weight which equates to about 20ply so I tried using 3 strands of 8ply and am quite pleased with the look.

It is a very thick hat and will certainly keep the wearer very warm. Next time I feel inclined to loom knitting, I'll try a man's sized one to go with my charity donations. Getting a bit sick of doing hats for now and my next project is going to be a little cardigan from a Debbie Bliss book I have on loan from the library.

Did you hear about Julie Andrew's 'comeback' - I think it was in London. Apparently she wasn't able to reach the high notes she once could and only sang for about 20 minutes in the 2 hour concert. I heard a Sydney radio announcer say "Super Julie's comeback vocals really were atrocious" - funny Alan !! This reminded me of the clip made at Central Station in Antwerp awhile back .. click here to take a look, its amazing.

Then of course the ripple effect comes into play and the folk in Stockholm didn't want to be outdone - Michael Jackson fans will enjoy this.

I do spend far too much time on the computer but before I finish, a friend of mine on Facebook posted this gem today. Imagine what it would be like if the real world was like Facebook !!

Now I must go check my cafe and farm. See ya ..