Saturday, May 25, 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013

Crochet Exchange Gift

With all the excitement about my new camera, I forgot to show you the lovely Mothers Day Exchange gift I received from my partner in the Australiacrochet group. K sent me this very pretty set - soap sachet, washer and scented sachet to put on a coathanger. Thank you very much for this lovely exchange gift.

I did warn you about the possibility of boring you with the pics from my new toy didn't I ??  I wanted to try the zoom so stood outside my back door and got this shot of one side of my yard. You probably won't be able to see the artificial butterfly on the tree trunk in this first picture

but from the same spot, zooming in - love it.

Without making any setting changes, here's a shot of my fruit bowl with the camera just about 2cm (1") away from it.

I've always had problems with colour not being correct but my new toy seems to be just what I've been searching for to overcome this.  Now I'm hoping that my crochet and knitting FOs might be less of a headache to photograph.  Yaaay

Seems like my fingerless mitts are back on the agenda for this winter. Today I received an order for a black pair from one of my daughter's work colleagues. She bought a pair for herself last year and now wants a pair for her daughter.  Will have to search the stash tomorrow and hope to find enough black wool.  I bought some gorgeous Bendigo Woollen Mills Alpaca in grey to make myself a pair of fingerless mitts for this winter but mine are going to be knitted.  Oh dear, so much to do and so little time LOL.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Camera Alert

Updated my camera yesterday with the new Olympus SZ-16 and so far I'm impressed. One of my biggest headaches is with indoor pics when the light is not all that great.  Today was bleak - and I do really mean bleak so it was a good trial.

This is a week old hyacinth plant that I received from my eldest daughter and future son-in-law for Mothers Day, and this next one is a cyclamen I got from my youngest daughter and son-in-law.

Both pics were taken in a rather dull lit room so I am very pleased with the results.

Madison was doing what she does for most of the day and that is taking a cat nap. She doesn't like cameras and usually turns her head the other way, so to test out the zoom, I went to the other side of the room, called her name and managed to get this one ..

I'm dying for a nice day so I can go out and play.  Hope I don't drive you nuts with my happy snaps !!  

Have a great week and thanks for visiting. xoxox

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Australian Wildlife and Home Sweet Home

Seems like forever since my last post but I've been 800 kilometers away on the mid  North Coast of New South Wales, at a beautiful place called Tuncurry. I'm happy to be back home again and would love to just sleep for the next week but of course that won't happen.  Wishful thinking !!

A very welcome and regular visitor we had at Tuncurry was this beautiful Kookaburra which was so friendly

When it was obvious that he trusted us and wasn't about to fly off, my future son-in-law approached him and the little guy was quite happy to be tickled ..

And if that wasn't enough, he decided to come a little closer and joined us under the deck. How's this for trust - my grandson enjoyed a little pat too ..

Seems the birds aren't the only friendly creatures up that way. This baby lizard was quite happy to pose for this photo before being returned to his home behind the shed.

As I was driving home yesterday, I had to stop to get these shots to show you ..

There are four of these little bridges across the Pacific Highway a little north of Newcastle. Can you guess why they're there?

Yes, that's right - a special crossing for all those little koalas, wombats, or whatever to safely cross what is sometimes a busy highway.  What I'd really like to know though, is who teaches the fauna about the use of these special bridges and how do they do it ??

Before I finish this post and head off to bed, I'd like to take the opportunity to wish all the mums a very happy Mothers Day.