Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beautiful Sunday

Lovely flowers growing on my front courtyard wall .. my gorgeous grandson .. and yummy triple choc muffins which he helped aunty to bake. What more could you want ?

I thought I'd show you a few of my 'special' crochet hooks. This first one is an Addi -I was led to believe they were the Rolls Royce of crochet hooks but I can tell you they're not a patch on the Etimo hooks. The handle is hard plastic so not very comfortable to use.

In the next group, the top left pic shows the beautiful hand crafted Swan Sterling Silver hooks which are lovely to use as far as how they slide so easily through your work but now I have become used to a soft-handled hook, these ones don't get much use. The pic top right was a sheer indulgence that I just had to have! Of course its a Graydog which I've had for maybe 8 years or so. Way back then it cost me $75 so goodness knows what they go for these days. The bottom two pics are novelty type hooks - the little keyring on the left is cute and the hook at bottom right is one of those light-up hooks which I received as a gift from a US friend. I don't think they took off as much as was predicted but ok if you want to work in the dark.


  1. I would love one of your choc chip muffins, they look so yummy, well done to your grandson :))
    Your flowers look great, and the way you have placed the pics..
    What a variety of hooks and most interesting :))

  2. Thank you Pat. I don't know what those flowers are but they come out every year - just for a short while. They look like little roses. I'm not a gardener and am very dumb when it comes to anything that grows (plants that is). You'd be very welcome to one of the muffins - what time can I expect you ? :)


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