Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bring on Santa Claus

I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas !!!! I hope my order from BWM arrives tomorrow so I can start playing with that beautiful wool. Have been sort of 'lost' all weekend not knowing what to do with myself so I ended up playing with my hooks and yarn (of course) and made a few octagons which frustrated me as the pattern was written rather strangely, however I did end up finding a website with more precise instructions. Then I went to Ravelry and ended up joining a granny square group ...

... more in my comfort zone than that octagon. Can you see that little blue tail peeking through ? Must confess I haven't sewn in any of the tails and there are a zillion of them to keep me busy tomorrow while waiting for the parcel delivery man.


  1. Now that is so pretty.. as for the tail well i think I need new glasses lol I can't see it.. :))

  2. Thanks Pat. I can assure you it is there LOL - along with all the other tails of the other colours - all waiting to be sewn in and they'll probably stay that way for awhile now.

  3. I love your Square Dorothy. Granny Squares are such fun to do, but having all the tails to sew in if using a number of colours can be a pain.


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