Monday, January 3, 2011

First FOs for the year

After reading a blog friends recent post, I think I now know why it takes me so looooong to complete a big project - I get bored !! Yes, I'm sure that's it and that is why I'm forever making small items. Today I finished this heatpad ..

and here's the back

The pattern came from a book called "At Home with Crochet" by Leisure Arts - its one of the books I re-discovered on the weekend. The other pattern I found while I was supposed to be tidying my craft room, was the one for these coasters ..

This is one of my favourite coaster patterns as its so quick - only about 5-10 minutes work in each one. Instant gratification and they're quite useful too.

Ah, now tis time to eat dinner, and after that I might do some more of my knitting. I started a child's vest with that lovely variegated yarn I showed you a post or two back and I'd like to get on with it.


  1. Lovely Blue, Bendigo Cotton?
    The little coasters are great to use and like you say easy and quick.:))
    Bored? oooh sometimes.. like the jacket still waiting to be finished..

  2. I used 8ply pure wool for the heat pad Pat. The blue is Basics 8ply (Spotlight) and the white is Moda Vera - it took the whole 50g ball of the white (80 meters) and I wouldn't have had enough left to go more than about a quarter the way around again. The coaster was made with Bendigo Cotton.

  3. Aww these coasters are lovely! Really impressed you've finished all these things and we're only 4 days into 2011 :-)

  4. Love the heat pad and the coasters are really pretty. You just have to have some little projects on the go and they are easy to take along with you too.


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