Monday, January 24, 2011

My little bit of the rainbow

I spent all my weekend crochet time making these granny squares for the Crochet-a-Rainbow project being run by Sarah London.

Sarah will be joining the squares to make blankets for the people affected by the recent devastating Queensland floods, who are in the process of trying to rebuild their lives and homes. Its a great way to use up all those odd balls of yarn while supporting a very worthwhile cause. I enjoyed playing around with the colours and as this project will be running for quite awhile, I plan on making lots more squares.

The BookDepository in the UK is my favourite place to buy crochet and knitting books because they're so cheap and world wide shipping is free. Today's mail brought me a lovely book "Sweet Baby Crochet" by Sandy Scoville and Denise Black which was published in 2010.

There are some lovely patterns in this book - I was going to show you pictures of a few of them but just noticed some rather strict copyright notes on the inside front cover but I don't want to get myself into trouble so can't share those lovely pics with you.

For my dear bloggy friends who have asked, here's the latest picture of the herbs in my Aero Garden. We've already raised the light twice, cut the top leaves of the Basil twice, and just can't seem to keep up with it. You can almost see that Basil growing. Here we are at day 29.


  1. Fantastic you are contributing with the grannies.

    I love the mint green dress. Your plants are really doing well!

  2. Beautiful colours Dorothy :)) you have achieved a lot in just one weekend :))
    Love baby patterns what a shame we can't see them all :((
    Your herbs are doing well, any recipes to share??

  3. Hi Dorothy,

    Gosh the colors in your grannies are SO brilliant and true, I just love how they came out! What yarn are you using? You've inspired me to get some grannies made to send. Love your herbs too, I grow some mints, sage and rosemary on my deck in the summer. Can't wait.

    Hugs from Oregon -- Teresa

  4. Those rainbow grannies certainly bought a smile to my face. Did you have to buy more yarn just to play?
    Like the idea of the Aerogardens, just don't have the room. Thanks for showing their progress

  5. Thanks for the comments dear friends. The yarn I'm using for the squares is just from my stash but I am thinking of looking around for some hot pink yarn to add to my lot. Most of it is Magnum or Lincraft 8ply.
    The aero garden is quite fascinating - they are just growing in water and nutrients. Got to be healthy !!

  6. I love your rainbow squares Dorothy

  7. Wow - your squares are fab! I've just found you via Crochet a rainbow and I'm doing some as well!

  8. I just found your blog thru Teresa Kasner'r blog. I lvoe all your squares...such fun colors. And what a great thing to do for people in need. Thanks for sharing,


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