Saturday, February 26, 2011

Drink anyone ?

I participate in the coaster exchange on Australiacrochet and each month we are required to make two coasters to send to our partner for that month. My partner for the February round was Jenny F who said she 'got carried away' and ended up making me six coasters which happen to be very similar to my favourite pattern (scroll down a post or two for pics of mine) but the pattern for these little beauties is called the 1893 circle motif reworked by Sandi Marshall.

Aren't they cute ? The pattern was originally printed in the year 1893 in a publication called Fancy Work Manual. This is the centre portion of a pattern that was named Crocheted Wheel for Tidy in the 1893 book.

Thanks Jenny for these cuties which I'll add to my collection.


  1. Dorothy, those are cute as can be. Thanks for sharing. Hugs from Oregon

  2. Lovely Dorothy... Love the colours.. :))

  3. Pretty coasters, thank you for sharing the link. :-)

  4. They are lovely Dorothy ... :)) So many patterns out there to choose from..

  5. Very pretty coasters in such great colors.


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