Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fourth Time Lucky ?

This post is a year of projects update.

Frustration has set in once again regarding that Noro Kureyon Sock yarn that I bought in October last year. It started off as a crochet scarf but felt horribly stiff and didn't look all that great so it got frogged and after spending hours on Ravelry and armed with what I figured would be a good pattern for this yarn, I started a knit scarf. Fifteen inches later it was put aside and forgotten about for a few months then (did you guess?) .. it got ripped out and was to become an asymmetrical neck shawl - but only for a day or two when I realised that one ball wouldn't be enough. So now, just because I'm thoroughly sick of it but because it cost too much to just throw away, this yarn is going to end up just a plain garter stitch scarf on 5mm needles so it will be soft, about 5 inches wide and for as long as the yarn lets it be. I won't bore you with a picture right now .... maybe when (if) its finished.

Earlier in the week I received my order of some more lovely Sugar'n'Cream cotton to make washcloths and soap sack gifts. Here's a couple of the cloths ..

I also finished another one of my orders yesterday but I'll have to wait till tomorrow to get a a photo to show you as my camera's battery needed to be charged. This scarf is my favourite so far and is done with the Katia Ondas (Col.74). The pinks and purples work beautifully together and the result is quite stunning. Please pop back tomorrow for a peek.

Can't recall if I put it on my list or not, but during this year of projects I really would like to get back to my Wool Eater blanket (Reversible Hungarian blanket) and either get it finished or well on the way to being finished.

I do tend to procrastinate on some things and blankets are one of them ! Like many crocheters/knitters, I see something that looks interesting, quick and easy so just 'have' to make it straight away. Of course this doesn't leave much time for other, bigger items.


  1. Hi welcome to Suz Place and glad you enjoyed your look around
    Have you tried using a larger needle or hook, wasn't sure what you were using something different from what is usual..making a more lacy and usually softer feel to pieces
    Good luck with what ever you make finally..very frustrating l agree
    Hugs from the other side of the world x

  2. I have the same problem with blankets, I always think, Oh this is going to be quick and easy and then it lands up taking me far longer than I intented and I get bored and often that's when I have manage to have several WIPS on the go.

    The washcloths look amazing!

    I hear you about buying a skein of yarn and it's too delicious just to throw away. I think the Noro will look wonderful in a plain garter scarf.

  3. The washcloths look wonderful and love the color combo of the blanket. It looks so pretty and soft.
    I am so much the same way with big projects. I wonder if I look arund how many WIPs I really have. lol

  4. Oh dear,I know all about not being happy with a yarn , or a pattern.. Hubby is always amazed at how many times it can be pulled out LOL
    The face washers are wonderul and the colours bright.. Sugar and cream cotton in great to work with..
    A lot of work for the hook here. :))
    have a great week :))

  5. I have a yarn exactly like that too. I'm a few inches into a shell scarf, but still don't really love it.

    Beautiful wash cloths, and that blanket looks very intricate!

  6. Those dishcloths are gorgeous and your blanket is WOW!

  7. Noro seems to be the bane of many a knitter. I personally don't like the feel of it and have not bought any.

    The blanket looks gorgeous. Love the colors and the stitches!

  8. Do you make socks? A plain sock is usually gorgeous in Noro. I know it feels scratchy, but after a couple of washes my Noro socks are now my favourites! Maybe rewind the yarn into a hank and give it a wash in some sort of Lanolin wool wash to soften up a bit first?

    I love those two little dishcloths; just so perfect with one border in orange with a main colour blue, and the other reversed!

  9. Beautiful projects -- can't wait to see what you finally make with the Nuro and I love the colors in your wool eater.

  10. Oh gosh, I totally hear ya on seeing something more interesting and quicker. I haven't knitted up many baby blankets, but oh boy do I get anxious toward the end. I can only stand about 2 feet of it.
    I like how you paired up colorways on the Sugar' n Cream cloths.

  11. Hi there, love the cloths.. I've made several in the diagonal knit. I need to crochet some too. Yours are lovely and the other item is so intricate!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Learning about different yarns and what is best for what projects has been the most agonizing part of knitting for me! I feel your pain. On the upside, your little cloths are lovely. Are they crocheted? The edges are so dainty and pretty.

  13. Ilove that wooleaters hungarian square it so soo pretty! and will look fantastic finished! Also I've been "knitting" a blanket for almost a year an a half now... it is still very small.

  14. thx for your sweet comment! the cozy is very quick! it makes me more cheerful this morning :0) i love the look of that blanket!! very pretty!

  15. love the blanket it looks great so far - good luck adding to it :)

  16. Your blanket looks great. I'm looking forward to making something similar but have too many projects up in the air right now to start something new.


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