Monday, June 11, 2012

Grannies and Gloves

This past week has been a bit of 'this and that' as far as crochet and knitting is concerned. A few more granny squares have been added to my small pile which will be going to Japan - remember I told you about that project here.  We have until the end of June to send squares to the Knit4Charities member collecting them so hopefully I'll be able to make a few more before then. They're always fun to do aren't they?

Two more pairs of fingerless gloves will be going to work with my daughter tomorrow and I have a pair of grey ones on the needles at the moment . I'm enjoying making these and the girls love them so that makes it worthwhile. I have tried sticking to fairly neutral colours but couldn't resist some 'wicked' fire engine red when I was shopping the other day. I reckon that colour would go great with black.  Hmm - we'll see.

Speaking of red, I really must get back to the child's tunisian cardigan I have half made. I know I haven't got enough red to complete it but since the original pattern uses two colours, I'm going to have to do the same thing.  I'm tossing up between white or yellow at the moment - not sure which way to go.  Any ideas?   The second colour will be used for one sleeve and one side of the front.

Hope the weather is warmer wherever you are. Winter has really hit here now and its SO cold.  Most nights we are getting below zero temperatures and the days are just above the two figure mark.   My heated throw is getting a really good work-out and of course the house heating is going all the time.

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  1. I need some of these..Thanks for posting them.. I have raynaud's, so now, even with the temps in the 70's and 80' hands freeze!

    I just started to crochet so it will be quite a while before I attempt them...but I will this too my pile..

  2. add the word "add" b/w will and this in the above comment...raynauds *sigh*
    thanks Mary

  3. Wow! You are just moving right along with your squares and fingerless gloves. I wish I had your ambition.

  4. I would say white for the cardigan. I love the look of white and red when it is a stark color blocking.

  5. Hello Dorothy!!
    I am Sophie from Greece!!! I love your blog! I love the crocheted creations you're very talented!!
    I wait you to come to my blog too!!
    I will be very happy to see you!!
    Kisses and hugs from Greece!!


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