Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Magic Loop and UFOs everywhere

Gosh, its over two weeks since I last blogged and I haven't really got very much to show you :(  .... I have had two eye operations in the past 5 weeks so perhaps that's going to be my excuse.  Oh, and I'm just hearing on the radio now that our Prime Minister said this morning that the 'mummy bloggers' are running our country and since I'm a mummy and I also blog, I guess running Australia must have been keeping me busy too.  Gotta love our Julia ?????

So, after avoiding anything that couldn't be knitted on two needles ever since I've been knitting, I have now 'mastered' (or should that be 'mistressed'?) the magic loop and am tickled pink. Here's my first FO using this method - a premmie hat using 4ply Jigsaw by Heirloom and on size 2.5mm needles ......
Yay for the magic loop method and down with those evil dpn's !!

I've noticed on a few other blogs that I follow, people have been worrying about having so many UFO's (unfinished objects) ... whew, I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one guilty of this.  From where I'm sitting right now, there are five UFO's within reach - I wonder if its a 'comfort' thing having them nearby?  Anyway, I finished a crochet coat hanger cover this morning and a frilly scarf that I'd started at the last Spotlight Knitting Party a few months ago.
Spotlight provided the yarn and needles to make the scarf and I had a funny feeling that 4.50mm needles wasn't right for that yarn.  Last year I made several frilly scarves in Katia yarn and I think 8mm needles. Those turned out a good length but this Spotlight one is quite short but would look ok if worn under a coat.

The only other thing I've made is this baby's hat ... 'twas a need for instant gratification at a time when I didn't want to strain my eyes.

And now the time has come to get back to that tunisian cardigan that I started a few months ago.

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  1. I love them all but that first one is my favorite. Love the colors.

    You do such amazing work.

  2. I like the jigsaw hat, but not the 2.5mm needles! the scarf is lovely too

  3. I'm with you Dorothy, its great excuse in my house LOL..
    It is a great feeling to see UFOs completed..
    You certainly have had a lot on your plate with eye ops.. Hope all is coming clearer now :))
    Can we have a peek at your tunisian cardie??

  4. Dear Dorothy.. so glad your eye operations are over.. did you get the results you hoped for? You are still doing some amazing work, even with your challenges, you are awesome! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Go Dorothy!!! I have as yet not mastered or mistressed magic loop. The concept, the idea, the working are all ok, but I am just not comfortable. Just thinking I am trying to small an amount of stitches to start and ease my way in. Cause I love making hats on circulars, but I just can't master premmie ones yet :-(
    Gosh it must have been hard to see these new passwords thingies that Google is using before your ops. I have difficulty deciphering some of them

  6. I love the magic loop, too, and I really don't ever want to use DPNs lol. I love the hat on the top!

  7. Now the magic loop is on my list of 'must learn'.


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