Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fun and Games

While the Olympic Games are on in London, members of Australiacrochet have been participating in our own Winter Games fun by having an exchange where you make something 'winter' related for your partner. We asked our partners to indicate what colour they would like and my partner said 'pink but not soft pink or baby pink - more like fuschia'.  Originally I was going to make a pair of fingerless gloves but somehow I didn't think bright pink gloves would look that great so decided on a slouchy hat instead.
The pattern is called Phannie and is available as a free download on Ravelry. I used 8ply yarn with a 4.50mm hook.  I added an extra increase round and another round before starting to decrease as I wanted the hat more 'slouchy' than what the pattern indicated.
I'm happy with the result and I hope my partner likes it too.  This will be winging its way to one of our US members later this week.

I've had a couple of nice surprises this week - in today's mail was this lovely square from Jane of Papillongold  ..
Jane calls this the Crocodahlia square and as you'll see, those pretty petals are made using the crocodile stitch.  I think its gorgeous. The centre is brown and the outside is crimson but the lighting couldn't have been right as the colours look the same in this pic.
Thank you very much Jane for this unexpected and lovely surprise.

My daughter has given up sweet treats (well actually she's on a diet but wouldn't like me saying that - hope she doesn't read this post) ... anyway, a few days ago she was given this rather cute box ..
and inside .. THE most delicious chocolate biscuits which she has given to me. I've restricted myself to just two a day which I enjoy with a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee in the afternoon.  And if that wasn't enough, the next day she was given this decadent cupcake which I had to devour as desert that very same night as I didn't want it to go stale :)
What do you reckon?  Maybe I should 'give up sweet treats' for awhile too now.

I have been frogging a bit today - I decided the yarn wasn't doing justice to Bev's My Chelle baby sweater so it got pulled out and I started again with a much nicer mint green 4ply wool. If you're looking for a really nice pattern, try this one.

You've met Madison before but haven't actually seen her in action. My daughter bought her a new plate the other day (its now been confiscated for reasons that will become obvious if you look at this short video).

This is how she lets us know she wants food !!

With tomorrow being August 1st, as an animal lover it would be remiss of me if I didn't wish all the horses a very happy birthday (southern hemisphere horses that is) ...

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  1. That hat is gorgeous. That looks like a really good pattern too. Your partner will love it.

    That cat video made me laugh. I have played it over at least three times. It cracks me up. Thanks for making me laugh first thing today. Can't wait to see your Chelle sweater.

  2. That is great hat! I'm also working on a slouchie hat for my DIL. I'm getting near the end. I played the video of the cat for Dayle and I and we both cracked up! How cute is that!! Have a good week, my friend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I love the hat! The flower block looks great - what a lovely surprise. It sounds like if you "give up treats" you'll just end up with more :).

  4. The hat looks great, glad you like the square, your cat looks so innocent

  5. I must check on rav and see where Phannie is in my never ending queue - I know it's in there somewhere :)
    Maddy would probably approve of the way my cats indicate a need for dry food. We have one of those 7 day feeder thingies [ not that it takes 7 days worth with MY lot around ] and they bat it [noisily] around the kitchen, usually about 5am, if mother has been remiss in filling it up. Similar to Maddy's idea except with more horizontal travelling and accompanied by loud dragging noises.


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