Monday, August 27, 2012

Great Granny

Hello everybody - hope your week has started off well. Its been a lovely warm day here and I'm really looking forward to Spring although this little hiatus will no doubt end and the cold weather will return for another month or so.

I've been going through lots of patterns and visited many internet sites on the weekend trying to find something to inspire me but the only thing that I really want to do is make a granny square blanket.  With my history of getting bored with projects that take a long time I think it will be a baby's blanket for charity.  I'm thinking of using the pattern from BobWilson123 - its the one on the right in this photo. I made these two squares yesterday for the September Australiacrochet square exchange.

There is no written pattern but if you look at the video and take notes, its very easy. I like the way the second round looks like little hearts ..

I'm thinking that 4 round squares and the join-as-you-go method might be nice. What do you think?

My need to knit will be satisfied later this week. On Thursday, members of our Knit4Charities group will be taking part in a KAL (knit-a-long) to make a square (to be made into a blanket) for one of our dear friends who has terminal cancer.  The KAL will run over three days so hopefully I'll be able to show you a pic next weekend.


  1. They do look like little hearts , :)) What colour are you going to use for the baby blanket??
    The Daffodils are bright and happy in the garden :)) A sure sign Spring is on its way :))

  2. I like the twist on a regular granny. It does look like it would be easy to do. Love the greens!

  3. Sometimes you do just want to make grannies. I think JAYG is a great idea for grannies and other motifs where the palette is controlled but I've been making scrappy African flower hexagons and I'm a bit wary of joining them up before I've fully finished so I can lay them all out to balance the colours.
    I really really want to join up a few but I just know that I have to wait ... Patience patience

  4. Very cute, I have changed a few patterns by using a circle as the first round. I agree with cats mum, i'm not sure I could JAYG unless the squares were all the same LOL

  5. I love the little hearts, too. I agree, JAYG is the way to go!


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