Friday, August 31, 2012

My first Mobius

Its finished ... ta dah !!!!  This was such a fun project and I'm certainly be going to make a few more. There was no pattern for this one - just a few rows of this and a few rows of that. Magnum 8ply Soft with a 4.50 hook.
It really fascinated me how you work out from the middle in a never-ending round.

I've just finished day 2 of the mystery KAL and here's what it looks like today ..

Don't think its a mystery any more, do you?  It is a very pretty pattern and I hope I'll be able to show you a picture of the blanket when everybody's squares are all stitched together. Tomorrow is the final day - I'll post a pic of my finished square.

Supermarket shopping has never been one of my favourite things and I've been putting it off for as long as I can. I'm starting to run out of essentials so I really must put down the knitting, get off the computer and go shopping. Yuk !

Enjoy the rest of your day.


  1. Beautiful!! Will you be able to share this square pattern? Such a lovely gift for your friend.

  2. Love the gray mobius. They are fun to make. I need to dig out my patterns and and make another one for my sister. I promised her one long ago.

    Aren't you a good mom whipping up those gloves on a moment's notice? They turned out great too.

  3. I love the Mobius! What a fun project to just pull from your mind. The mystery KAL is looking great, too.


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