Saturday, March 30, 2013

Egg Cosy

Would you pay $5.00 for the pattern for this egg cosy ?

Neither would I.  It took me about two minutes to work out the pattern and about four minutes to make it - no rocket science here folks.  However, I was surprised (well, maybe not really) to see that someone has posted a pattern just like this one and is charging $5.00 for it. To me that's just wrong. There are so many wonderful people who share their beautiful patterns free of charge but if you want to make a simple granny pattern egg cosy you're expected to pay $5.00 - just wrong !!!!!

Almost April 1 here in Australia - I wonder if this is an April Fools joke?


  1. $5 for an egg cozy pattern! LOL! You did a great job figuring it out!! Happy Easter to you! Dayle and Buddy send you their good wishes. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. How silly! People never fail to amaze me. Have a nice Easter!

  3. Good on you Dorothy! I love the egg cosy and the mat...they look so lovely. Hope you're having a nice relaxing Easter time.

  4. Well its April already. where has the time gone ?
    Cute little egg cover and mat.. but I wouldn't pay $5 for it..
    Hope you have had a relaxing Easter..
    hugs pat:))

  5. It is cute Dorothy but no, I would not pay $5 for the pattern snd I am sure yours is just as nice.. xoxox

  6. Dorothy, Havasu would be about a 9-hour drive from here. We flew to Las Vegas, Nevada and rented a car. The flight was about an hour and the drive was another 2.5. Cute egg cozy but I agree that $5 is a lot. I wonder if anyone has purchased it.

    I hope you had a fantastic Easter.

    Big hugs,


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